April 21, 2024 @ 11:30 AM

I guess you can forget about "fair and balanced" when it comes to Fox News, at least when it comes to Fox News' biased badmouthing of Majorie Taylor Greene. According to Fox News, Greene "is an idiot," who is trying "to defeat her own party." Although I can't speak for you, as far as I'm concerned, it's high time that Greene's political party, a double-crossing and double-dealing party of Benedict Arnolds and Joe Isusus, was defeated, so that it can no longer aid and abet Democrats in their destruction of America. What America really needs today is a political party of Majorie Taylor Greenes, who will fight to the death to safe America from destruction at the hands of Democrats, who are hellbent on razing our representative republic, so that they can raise from its ruins their long dreamed of socialist utopia. We certainly don't need a Democrat lite party of Kevin McCarthys, Mike Johnsons, Mitch McConnels, and Lindsey Grahams, who continuously cave in to Democrats, and by doing so make themselves accomplishes in Democrats' demolishing of democracy.       


Ask yourself, why is Majorie Taylor Greene fighting with her own political party. Is it not because her party never keeps its promises, but always reneges on them. It always opts to concede to its political rivals rather than to contend for its own constituents and our own country. For instance, it promises to secure our open southern border, but it ends up securing Ukraine's border instead, with billions of our taxpayer dollars. It promises to fight against Democrats' radical agenda, which includes things like abortion on demand and the gender transitioning of minors, but it ends up fully funding it all with taxpayers’ hard-earned money. It promises to put an end to our politicized and weaponized FBI, but it ends up renewing FISA, the FBI's warrantless surveilling of Americans, and building the FBI a new multi-billion dollar headquarters. I could go on, add nauseam, but I believe my point is well made.


Now, I know the argument Republican Kool-Aid drinkers will make in defense of their political betrayers, for whom they habitually punch their ballots. They will argue that Republicans can't do anything more than they are doing, since they neither control the Senate nor the White House. However, Republicans do control the House of Representatives, which means they control the purse strings of our federal government. Yet, Republicans refuse to use their held purse strings, the lone leverage they have, for fear it will hurt them politically. Therefore, they're willing to compromise with Democrats and jeopardize our country, for the sake of political expediency. They'd rather fight to safe their political careers than our representative republic. 


What would have happened if the Republican controlled House of Representatives refused to fund our federal government until the Biden Administration secured our southern border? In the event of a government shutdown, would Republicans not have had a winning argument, since Americans' number one concern today is our open southern border and the invasion of our country by illegal immigrants? Republicans could have argued that Democrats would rather shutdown our government than our southern border. They could have argued that illegal immigrants were more important to Democrats than social security recipients and our military personnel. However, we'll never know what would have happened, because Republicans—Majorie Taylor Greene's political party—true to form, wet their britches, fell over backwards, and gave in to Democrats, giving Democrats everything they wanted. Again, what would have happened if Republicans had stuck to their guns, as they promised they would, and refused to fund the securing of Ukraine's border until our own southern border was secured? Unfortunately, we'll never know what would have happened, because once again Republicans—Majorie Taylor Greene's political party—lacked the intestinal fortitude to fight for their constituents and our country, opting instead to do what they thought best for their own political careers and political party.


If Majorie Taylor Greene is trying, as Fox News alleges, to wreck her political party, then, I not only say God bless her, but I also hope she succeeds. If we could ever rid ourselves of the Republican Party, this swarm of spineless political jellyfish, then perhaps we could raise from its ruins a party of Majorie Taylor Greenes, which would not only be a real alternative to the Democrat Party, but a real adversary to it as well!