July 2, 2023 @ 10:30 AM

As unimaginable as it is, it has taken a Supreme Court ruling to keep religious liberty, at least for now, temporally propped up in America. "The Supremes" have ruled that the LGBTQ+ community can no longer target and attempt to financially ruin, through civil litigation, Christian business owners. As should have been obvious to anyone with a thimble full of sense, it's unconstitutional for militant members of the LGBTQ+ community to threaten Christian business owners with financially ruinous civil suits over refusing to be coerced into conformity to their radical request for services, especially when those services violate the business owner's Christian convictions and Biblical beliefs. Still, three of our Supreme Court Justices proved that they have neither a thimble full of sense nor a modicum of understanding about our Constitution, since they sided with the militant LGBTQ+ community against the religious liberty of Christian business owners.


Whatever happened to the freedom of business owners to conduct their businesses as they see fit and for customers to seek services at the businesses of their choosing? When did we start believing that customers can dictate to business owners how to conduct their businesses, as well as what services they must render, even if the requested services are against a business owner’s religious beliefs? While customers have the right to patronize businesses that they personally prefer, they don’t have the right to promulgate a business’ practices. Whether a business stays in business or goes out of business should be determined by how many customers it has, not by how many times it's been taken to court by its disgruntled and demanding customers, especially when those customers have militantly and malignantly targeted that business.


Now, has hard as it is to imagine our Supreme Court having to step in to spare religious liberty in these United States, at least for the short term, what’s even more unimaginable is legislation just past by Michigan’s House of Representatives. The Michigan State House, on the heels of this Supreme Court decision, has passed legislation that criminalizes referring to the transgendered with any non-preferred pronoun. In other words, if a man saying he is a woman is not referred to by you as a she, or a woman saying she is a man is not referred to by you as a he, then, you are subject to criminal prosecution and to being sentenced to up to five years in prison. That’s right, not only does the militant LGBTQ+ community, with the help of the co-opted and coercive power of government, want to end freedom of religion, but also freedom of speech in these United States. They want far more than to dictate how businesses are run, they also want to dictate what every American is permitted to think and to say. If they, along with their cohorts in government, are successful, the Pride Flag will eventually replace the American flag and we’ll all be pledging allegiance to sexual perversion rather than to our representative republic.