June 11, 2023 @ 11:00 AM

Loony liberals have no hesitancy pushing their preposterous policies as long as others have to pay for them. As long as the high cost and horrible consequences of their insane agenda are paid for and suffered by other Americans, it's full speed ahead with their reckless ideas that are ruining our representative republic. A good example is their sanctuary cities and states, which are now bellyaching over the busing of illegal immigrants to them from border towns and states that are being overrun by them. In light of this, I've long held that secession might be conservatives' only solution to the problem of political progressives pompously imposing their preposterous policies on the rest of the country.


While many dismiss the idea of conservative states seceding from the union to form their own republic, in order to escape the high price and horrible consequences of loony liberals' crazy and catastrophic political creed, the "Greater Idaho" movement suddenly has progressive snowflakes melting all over woke and wacky western Oregon. Twelve conservative counties in rural eastern Oregon have now voted to consider seceding from the state and becoming a part of their far more conservative neighbor, the state of Idaho. By doing so, conservative Oregonians could stop Oregon's progressives from continuing to pick their taxpayer pockets and to impose upon them their preposterous policies that have done things like turn their most populace city, Portland, into an encampment of autonomous zones for addlebrained anarchists. 


As the states of California and New York are presently proving, conservative exoduses from loony liberal asylums, which consequently leave them to fend for and fund themselves, is a death knell to them. When left to themselves, without conservatives to foot the bill for their brainlessness and to serve as a buffer to the byproducts of their imbecility, solid blue states quickly turn deathly pale. Secession, therefore, is not just a a way for conservatives to free themselves from tinpot progressives, but also to finally leave progressives frying in their own grease.