March 28, 2023 @ 9:00 AM

Every American by now, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, should be well aware of the fallibility and fallacies of so-called science. Almost everything we were told during the pandemic proved to be mistaken or, even worse, a lie intentionally told to mislead us. With the pandemic having lost most of its potency as a tool to tyrannize a panicked public, scientific technocrats and government bureaucrats are turning back to their backup plan to bully scared sheeple into subjugation; namely, climate change. Like with the pandemic, anyone paying attention should be well aware of the fact that climate science is no less fallible nor any less riddle with fallacies than virological science. Granted, there are elements of truth in both. For instance, there was a real virus that posed a real risk, especially to the elderly and those with preexisting comorbidities, and the problem of pollution is a real problem, Still, these verifiable truths are grossly exaggerated into unverifiable global threats that supposedly threaten all of humanity. Mankind's only hope of being saved from them, so we are told, is to immediately and unquestionably subjugate ourselves to our government, which has usurped the place of God and declared itself to be our only lord and savior. 


Climate science has proven itself through the years to be as contradictory as a Ku Klux Klansman in a Black Lives Matter Parade. It started out, you may remember, by predicting global cooling and a coming Ice Age. We were all about to be turned into frozen ice cubes and our planet into a gigantic glacier. Then, it took a one-eighty, and warned us that the opposite was true, our planet was about to be incinerated by global warming. We were all about to be turned into little charcoaled briquets and our planet into a smoldering ember. Now, since the temperature of the earth keeps fluctuating, as it has always done, climatologists, who are tired of being caught with egg on their face, have settled on the generic term of climate change, in hopes of scaring us all into the firm grasp of Big Brother's iron fist. It's this ever-changing climate that will eventually bring about human extinction if we don't expeditiously and expediently knuckle under to tyrannical scientific technocrats and bullying government bureaucrats.


 It's not just the basic premise of climate change that has been proven contradictory, but many of its supposed solutions as well. For instance, at the same time California is trying to force Californians into electric cars, the Golden State suffers from rolling blackouts, because of the failure of its power grid. In addition, at the same time our government is trying to force solar power upon the American people, it is exploring ways to blot out the sun, in order to cool the earth. Now, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that these untenable solutions to a trumped up threat have some ulterior motive. As always, our government is counting on our stupidity and willingness to subjugate ourselves to its sovereign control. As it pretends to be our only hope of salvation, from its own concocted climate crisis, our government insults our intelligence, in order to institute our serfdom. If our government is successful and we all prove to be that stupid, then, we will deserve what we're about to get!