November 21, 2023 @ 7:20 AM

There are no exaggerations in the divinely inspired Word of God. When the Scripture says that "the love of money is the root of all evil" (1 Timothy 6:10), it is not exaggerating. It is true! For proof, just look at the recent visit of China's communist dictator Xi Jinping to "San Franfeces," where California's pooper scooper Governor Gavin Newsom finally transformed the City by the Bay, which he had allowed to become an outhouse for the homeless, back into its former self. Of course, Newsom, by his own admission, did not cleanup the poop covered sidewalks of his state's filthy and foul homeless privy for taxpaying San Franciscans, but for an evil Chinese tyrant, whose evils include the tyrannizing of the Chinese people and the genocide and enslavement of Uighurs. The evils of Xi Jinping have not been confined behind the Great Wall of China, but have broke out all over the world. For instance, the COVID-19 virus, which killed millions throughout our world, as well as over a million of our fellow-Americans, not only originated from Xi's notorious chemical weapons facility in Wuhan, but was covered up and lied about by him until our whole planet was in the throes of the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet, the red carpet was rolled out by Newsom for the evil Xi Jinping, our president strolled with him in a garden, Silicon Valley tech magnets, like Elon Musk, groveled at his feet, and Wall Street CEOs gave him a standing ovation. WHY? One reason, THE LOVE OF MONEY! Newsom desperately needs Xi to fill California's coffers with millions of Chinese yuan, lest the swiftly tarnishing Golden State soon goes bust. Joe Biden, along with his family, can't afford to antagonize China's absolute autocrat, since they've been filling their pockets with millions of Chinese yuan for years. Silicon Valley tech magnets and Wall Street CEOs, as well as many of America's most prestigious universities, have been on Xi's take for decades, so they're not about to prod their Chinese cash cow, no matter how malignant its mad cow disease becomes to our whole world. Truly, as the Bible teaches, our world and country’s love of Chinese yuan serves as a license for all of China’s evils.