October 19, 2023 @ 12:00 PM

As I've taught for years, much to the chagrin of my fellow evangelicals, the evangelical church in America has been prostituting itself to the Republican Party for decades. Much like African-Americans, who repeatedly punch their ballots for Democrats, only to be betrayed by those same Democrats, once they’re elected to office, the evangelical church has been repeatedly betrayed by elected Republicans, after being used by Republicans to get themselves elected. According to Scripture, the church, the bride of Christ, is in this world to be used by Christ alone, and only to further His cause and to glorify His name. Therefore, it should never prostitute itself to a political party, to be used to further its cause and the political careers of its candidates.


It's high time the bride of Christ quit prostituting itself to the GOP. Now, I'm not advocating that the church climb out of bed with Republicans, in order to climb into bed with the devilDemocrats. Instead, I'm advocating what Charles Spurgeon advocated, "Of two evils, choose neither!" For decades, our elections have afforded us with nothing but a choice between two evils, and despite the biblical admonition to avoid even the appearance of evil, evangelicals have been casting their ballots for the perceived lesser evil, duplicitous Republicans rather than diabolical Democrats. Yet, our country, like a bat out of hell, has been going to hell in a hand basket, undeterred by evangelicals lining up at the polls for the lesser evil, which is still an evil nonetheless.


What’s really going on in Congress right now is really revealing. Although it is mischaracterized by the press and political pundits as sheer chaos caused by Republican “extremists” with their noses out of joint, it is actually a conservative coup that’s forcing the GOP to finally fly its true colors. Evangelicals, who’ve long been snookered into believing that the Christian flag flies over the Capital Dome, at least when Republicans are in control of Congress, need to be paying close attention to what’s currently occurring. The GOP is finally being forced to run up its Skull and Crossbones for everyone to see, proving itself to be anything but conservative, as it has always claimed to be.


The crisis in Congress began when eight conservatives decided enough was enough. Tired of Republicans falsely promising to govern conservatively, only to end up governing moderately once elected, this gallant gang of eight vacated the Speaker’s Chair, which was occupied by a moderate, who, like a typical Republican, kept reneging on his conservative promises. Afterward, all hell broke loose, as the GOP excoriated this gang of eight for betraying the Republican Conference and endangering the congressional institution. In other words, the GOP condemned these eight brave representatives of the people for doing what they thought was best for their constituents and our country rather than what the GOP thought was best for the Republican Conference and the congressional institution. 


Almost all Republicans supported their former Speaker, Kevin McCarthy, despite his moderatism and his reneging on his conservative promises. In addition, almost all Republicans were angry over McCarthy’s removal from the Speaker’s Chair, claiming it plunged our country into utter chaos. However, ever since McCarthy’s removal, Republicans have preferred continuing this so-called utter chaos by refusing to elect a conservative replacement for McCarthy. In fact, some Republicans are even talking with Democrats about joining hands across the political aisle to elect a consensus candidate as the new Speaker of the House of Representatives. Obviously, this all serves as proof positive that the GOP is what I’ve always said it was, a party of political expediency without conservative principles that is far more interested in serving itself than its constituents and our country!


The current Republican frontrunner for Speaker, Jim Jordan, who is a true conservative, is not only being vehemently opposed by fellow Republicans, but vilified as well, as an “extremist” and a “bully.” As one would expect, on the Democrat side of the political aisle, the false accusers of the Accuser of the Brethren’s (the devil’s) political party, are accusing Jim Jordan of being everything from an “insurrectionist” to a “terrorist.” What one wouldn’t expect, however, is that it was not a Democrat, but a Republican, former Speaker of the House of Representatives, John Boehner, who first accused Jim Jordan of being a “legislative terrorist.” Far from inching closer to the Speaker’s Gavel, Jordan is losing ground, as more professed conservative Republicans protest his election as Speaker of the House of Representatives. All of this proves, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that true conservatism is a rarity among Republicans, who falsely profess and forever pretend to be conservative.


Before concluding this post with a salient point, permit me to be brutally honest. I believe it is too late for America. I believe we have passed a point of no return with God. America, along with all of this fallen world, now finds itself in a free-falling downward spiral into the biblically predicted end-time scenario. Nothing, no power above the earth, on the earth, nor under the earth, can prevent God’s predicted and preordained plans and purposes from coming to pass. Jesus is coming and everyone everywhere needs to prepare to meet their God. 


Having stated above my heartfelt conviction, of which I’m confidently convinced by both the Holy Scriptures and the Holy Spirit, let me conclude by suggesting an alternative to choosing between two evilsduplicitous Republicans and diabolical Democrats. Why not start a third party? Why not start a Christian conservative party? True conservatives, who are sick and tired of being betrayed by the Republican Party, along with evangelicals, who are sick and tired of being used by the Republican Party, could join forces to form a Christian conservative party. Granted, we may never win an election, but at least we could go down every time without compromising our conservative principles, our Christian convictions, or our biblical beliefs. We could retain our integrity, hold our heads up, and stop being ashamed of prostituting ourselves to a bunch of political pimps. After all, what good is it doing, for either ourselves or our nation, for us to continue choosing between two evils, so that the perceived lesser of the two can keep using us for its own ends and our country’s demise?