October 3, 2023 @ 7:30 AM

Joe Biden should be impeached for flagrantly ignoring and refusing to enforce the laws of our land at our southern border, which has resulted in our country being overrun by hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants. Not only have several illegal immigrants been found to be on our terrorist watch list, but many others are known felons who've committed violent crimes since coming into our country, such as Haitian Jean R. Macean who viciously attacked and brutally murdered two Floridans, Terry and Brenda Aultman. In addition, Biden's open border policy has turned over our southern border to the Mexican cartels, who are not only making a fortune off human trafficking, which, among other horrors, subjects children to sexual slavery, but also off smuggling illegal drugs into our country, one of which, fentanyl, is now taking the lives of 100,000 Americans annually, which is more American lives than we lost in the Vietnam and Korean Wars combined. 


Joe Biden should be impeached for thumbing his nose at our Constitution by issuing dictatorial executive fiats, such as his executive order on student loan forgiveness. This blatant attempt to pick the pockets of hardworking taxpayers to pay off the student loans of college kids was nothing more than a brazen attempt to bribe young people into punching their ballots for progressives like Joe, who have proven their willingness to rob Peter to pay Paul, so that they can assure themselves of Paul's vote at Peter's expense.


Joe Biden should be impeached for weaponizing our justice department and our judicial system against all of his political opponents, such as pro-life Americans and parents opposed to the public school indoctrination of their children. Of course, the most obvious abuse of his presidential power in this vein is his Justice Department's relentless persecution and prosecution of his chief political rival, Donald Trump. Like in a banana republic, Joe Biden, like a tinpot dictator, is seeking to retain his high office and remain in power by jailing his political opposition. The damage this has done to our judicial system is irreparable and the distrust it has created among the American people in our own government is irreversible. 


Now, all of the above serves as more than enough reasons and justification for the immediate impeachment of President Joe Biden. I've not even talked about the mounting mountain of evidence now accumulated on the Biden Crime Family's decades-long influence peddling scheme, which has not only padded the pockets of the Bidens with millions of dollars from foreign countries, even adversarial ones, but also resulted in our current president being compromised beyond anything even imaginable when it comes to previous occupants of the Oval Office. 


One might add to all of the above the Twenty-Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution, which calls for the immediate removal of a cognitively impaired Commander in Chief from office. No one in their right mind can honestly argue at this point that our present president is in his right mind. It is evident to any discerning American that Joe Biden should be residing in an assisted living facility rather than at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Our president's handlers, the real unelected power behind his presidency, keep him hidden from public view. On those rare occasions when they allow him to be seen, they make sure his every move is carefully choreographed and his every word scrupulously scripted. Still, in spite of this, he stumbles around, doesn't know where to stand or sit, can't find his way off a stage, speaks incoherently, and his quickly given the hook by his handlers the instant his cognitive impairment begins to rear its ugly head. 


Now, for all of you who still believe our country is not toast, permit me, much to your chagrin, to prove otherwise. First, we're told that more Americans voted for Joe Biden to be their president than for any other president in American history. Second, instead of impeaching Joe Biden for his multiple impeachable offenses or immediately removing him from office over his cognitive impairment, the Democratic Party is running him for reelection to the White House. Third, and finally, rather than immediately impeaching Joe Biden over all the incontrovertible evidence of impeachable offenses I've just enumerated, a Republican controlled Congress is continuing ongoing investigations to find evidence that our cognitively impaired president has perpetrated some impeachable offense. This country is toast; I rest my case! America has lost its mind, having lost its soul sometime ago.