March 13, 2022 @ 8:30 AM

There is no shortage of omissions and obfuscations, as well as convolutions and contradictions in the contemporary scientific community. One almost gets the idea that the intention of many a modern-day scientist is to make modern-day science incomprehensible. Of course, as long as they alone can claim to understand what they say, no one else can question anything they’re saying. We are left to believe that we must take scientists at their word and unquestionably, as well as unhesitatingly, follow the science. After all, scientists are our intellectual superiors and we are simply too stupid to think for ourselves when it comes to scientific things.  


To surrender our personal autonomy at the high altar of incomprehensible science is to step onto the road to serfdom. It is to indenture ourselves as serfs to the feudal lords of science, granting scientists the right to lord it over us. In his classic book, The Road to Serfdom, H. A. Hayek warned that the advancement of science, with its accompanying and ever-increasing incomprehensibleness, could become a foremost enemy of freedom. What Hayek forecast is being fulfilled as our freedoms are being confiscated during our current pandemic by the iron fist of incomprehensible and purportedly irrefutable science.


One of the great heresies that threatened the life of the infant church was Gnosticism. Some New Testament epistles, such as Paul’s letter to the Colossians and the first epistle of John, were written to combat this heinous heresy threatening the fledgling church. Perhaps, the best way to explain Gnosticism is as a counterfeit cult of Christianity, which threatened to undermine the authority of infallible Scripture by superseding it with the fallible axioms of men.


Gnostics taught that they themselves were the sole possessors of “gnosis”; that is, they alone were “in the know.” As the self-proclaimed possessors of superior enlightenment and intelligence, Gnostics looked down their noses at all dissenters as unenlightened ignoramuses. According to the Gnostics, anyone disagreeing with their dictates was just simply too dumb to understand their brilliance.


In his defense of the Christian Faith against Gnosticism, the Apostle John warned us that Gnosticism was the spirit of antichrist, which was in the world in his day, would continue to grow in the world thereafter, and would finally crest and break over the whole earth at the end of time (1 John 4:1-3). This manipulative and coercive spirit of supposed superior enlightenment and intelligence will, John predicted, reach its crescendo when the whole end-time world is indoctrinated and incarcerated by it.


Like John, the Apostle Paul also issued a very critical warning to us in 1 Timothy 6:20-21. According to Paul, we should "avoid godless, foolish discussions with those who oppose [us] with their so-called knowledge" (NLT). In the King James Version, the phrase “those who oppose [us] with their so-called knowledge" is translated "oppositions of science falsely so called.” As Paul warns, it is possible for us, especially in the last days, as John points out in his first epistle, to be deceived into erring from the Christian Faith, not only by those who will profess to possess superior knowledge, but also by what will falsely be called science.


Have you ever stopped to think about how similar many, if not most, modern-day scientists are to the ancient Gnostics? Do they not also profess to posses an intellectual superiority, which leads them to peer down their noses at all who refuse indoctrination into their “infallible” creed as intellectual inferiors. For instance, anyone who professes to believe in the “fanciful” Genesis account of creation rather than in the scientifically “proven fact” of evolution is readily and roundly ridiculed today as intellectually impaired. In addition, anyone daring to question medical science, when it comes to COVID-19, or environmental science, when it comes to climate change, is instantaneously renounced and reprimanded todays as a numbskull and nemesis to public safety and planetary survival.


With the manipulative and coercive spirit of antichrist now sweeping our planet under the guises of “knowledge” and “science,” our world is increasing spurning the Lordship of Jesus Christ and subjugating itself to the lordship of its new science czars. Instead of following Scripture—living by the Word of God—today’s end-time world is following the science—living by the words of men, men like Anthony Fauci and Al Gore. Tragically, as time runs out on this Christ rejecting planet, our world has no idea that it is sealing its fate by swapping infallible Scripture for imperfect science, divine revelation for human reason, Jesus Christ for Fauci and Gore, and an omnipotent God for an impotent government.