October 19, 2022 @ 11:30 AM

The treason perpetrated by our corrupt intelligence agencies over the Russian collusion hoax is breathtaking. What is even more breathtaking, however, is that none of the traitors who perpetrated this treasonous undermining of a presidential election, as well as the presidency of a duly elected president, have been brought to justice. Indeed, many have become cable news celebrities and cashed in on cash cow book deals.


While many Americans have hung their hopes on John Durham's investigation to finally get to the bottom of this treasonous affair and to at long last bring these traitors to justice, their hopes have been thoroughly dashed. After all of the time and money he has spent on his extended and expensive investigation, all John Durham has to show for his efforts is one slap on the wrist and two acquittals.


If you've been keeping up with the Durham investigation you are aware of the fact that he has miserably failed to investigate what he was originally charged to investigate; namely, the corruption of our FBI. Instead, Durham has investigated and tried mere bit players on the peripheral of the FBI's treasonous plot to undermine a presidential election and to bring down an American president. And even in prosecuting these bit players—Kevin Clinesmith, Michael Sussmann, and Igor Danchenko—Durham has made the FBI out to be a victim of the dishonesty of Clinesmith, Sussmann, and Danchenko, not the villain behind the perpetration of possibly the most treasonous act in all of American history.


While our politically polarized population will respond in polar opposite ways to Durham's ineffectual investigation—half the country happy and half horrified—there is something very important that every American should pause to ponder. Having gotten away scot-free with unprecedented treason, our FBI will be emboldened to perpetrate even more outlandish treasonous plots in the days ahead. We've not just drifted into uncharted waters, but our ship of state is being intentionally scuttled, which will inevitably lead to the sinking of America!