October 9, 2022 @ 9:00 AM

For the first time, in a long time, our country gained energy independence under the presidency of Donald Trump. We exported more oil than we imported, and were no longer dependent upon the Saudi sheiks or communist dictators, like Vladimir Putin, for our oil. However, during his candidacy for the presidency, Joe Biden vowed that he, if elected, would end America's fossil fuel industry. True to his word, Joe Biden's initial act as president was to end the Keystone Pipeline, the first of many radical measures he implemented to destroy our fossil fuel industry. As a result, gas prices, unsurprisingly, but expeditiously, began to rise in America. 


At first, Joe Biden and his fellow Green New Deal Democrats shrugged their shoulders at Americans' pain at the pump, explaining that it was all necessary to transition our nation into their envisioned brave new world, of solar panels, windmills, and electric cars. After all, as they incessantly warned us, if we failed to do so our planet would soon be turned into a smoldering ember and all of us into little charcoaled briquets. 


Unfortunately for Biden and his fellow Green New Dealers, his economic policies caused run away inflation, just like his energy policies caused skyrocketing gas prices. Consequently, Biden's poll numbers began to drop like a lead balloon and a Red Tsunami began to rise and rush toward our upcoming midterm elections.


Out of utter political desperation, Biden began depleting our Strategic Petroleum Reserves, which is reserved for a national emergency, in order to slightly and temporally lower gas prices. Afterward, President Biden, who had caused Americans' pain at the pump, tried to persuade them to show up at the polls and vote for Democrats rather than Republicans, over his tapping of our Strategic Petroleum Reserves for purely political reasons. While Biden took quick credit for barely and briefly relieving our pain at the pump, he is yet to take any blame for the pain we bear.


With our Strategic Petroleum Reserves now dangerously low, President Biden announced that he would deplete them no further. In fact, our law actually requires any president who taps them to replenish them. Being forced to turn from tapping our Reserves, Biden turned to pleading with the Saudis, who, pardon the pun, now have us over a barrel. With OPEC threatening to cut oil production 1 million barrels a day, Biden, who promised during his presidential campaign to condemn Saudi Arabia as a "pariah" nation, had to go to the condemned "pariah" with his hat in his hand. In response to our president's pleading, OPEC decided not to cut oil production 1 million barrels a day, but 2 million barrels a day. Undoubtedly, this drastic cut in OPEC's oil production will have disastrous economic effects around the world, in particularly here in America, where we're already reeling from record-breaking gas prices and runaway inflation, which is now cratering into a full-blown recession.


As he often does, being forced to by his own foolishness, Biden has changed course and announced that he will continue to deplete our dangerously low Strategic Petroleum Reserves by tapping them for an additional 10 million barrels. However, Biden's petroleum piggy bank is dwindling, our petroleum reserves are disappearing, and we're suddenly finding ourselves desperately unprepared for any kind of a petroleum emergency. Still, to push his political party's Green New Deal and to hopefully help his party retain power in America's upcoming midterm elections, Joe Biden appears to be willing to do anything, no matter how detrimental or dangerous it is to our nation.


What is most frightening of all is that all of the above is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the precarious predicament that we now find ourselves in with a cognitively impaired skipper at the helm of our ship of state. For instance, on Monday, September 26th, someone blew up Russia's Nord Stream pipeline, which is absolutely critical to Vladimir Putin's power and wealth. Although the Biden Administration is blaming the sabotage of Nord Stream on Putin, it is absurd to believe that he would actually cut his own nose off to spite his face. A far more likely and suspicious suspect in the sabotage of Nord Stream is Putin's accuser, the Biden Administration. After all, President Biden warned Putin that if he invaded Ukraine, "There would no longer be a Nord Stream," because, as Biden ominously threatened, "we will bring an end to it." In addition to Biden's threat, we were not only conducting military maneuvers on the Baltic Sea around the area of the Nord Stream Pipeline, but also around the time of its sabotage.


Putin, who appears to be losing the war in Ukraine, as well as the support of the Russian people over his ill-advised, ongoing and onerous war, undoubtedly sees the sabotage of Nord Stream as a most provocative act of war. In response, he has started saber-rattling his nuclear arsenal, which is the largest in the world. That Putin's saber-rattling should be taken seriously is suddenly being substantiated by other ominous things. First, a Russian nuclear submarine armed with a "doomsday" weapon has disappeared from its Arctic Port. Second, Russia is suddenly conducting nuclear military maneuverers. Third, our own government is buying $290 million worth of drugs to save lives in the event of a radiological or nuclear emergency. And finally, our own president told Democrat donors at a recent Democrat fundraiser that we are now facing the greatest threat of "nuclear Armageddon" that we've faced since the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis. 


Truly, you and I find ourselves today living in the Biblically predicted perilous times of the last days (2 Timothy 3:1). These days are the most dangerous this dark world has ever known, since we live in these dark days with the ever-present possibility of finding ourselves in the shadows beneath giant mushroom clouds. Fortunately, if you're a Christian, you can lift up your head, not in horror of rising mushroom clouds, but in hope of your redemption, which now draws near (Luke 21:28).