September 2, 2021 @ 11:00 AM

Israel, the first country to fully vaccinate a majority of its citizens, currently has one of the highest daily COVID-19 infection rates in the world. In addition, around 83 percent of Israel's current infections are among the fully vaccinated. According to Israel’s Ministry of Health, the Pfizer vaccine has proven to be only 39 percent effective. In Iceland, where over 82 percent of the population is fully vaccinated, the Director of the government's Ministry of Health is reporting that 77 percent of current COVID-19 cases are fully vaccinated Icelanders. All across America, many frontline healthcare workers are choosing not to get the vaccination. According to some reports, 40 percent of health care workers fear the risks of the vaccines outweigh the benefits. On top of all of this, there is a glaring disconnect between what doctors and healthcare workers are saying in hospitals across America and what our mainstream media is reporting.


According to the mainstream media, current COVID cases are mostly among the unvaccinated. In addition, an Associated Press headline recently declared: “Nearly all COVID deaths in US are now among unvaccinated.” ABC News has also reported that surveys show that the “vast majority of ICU patients with COVID-19 are unvaccinated." Yet, Dr. Peter McCullough, an academic internist and cardiologist in Dallas says that a large number of people in the hospital right now have been fully vaccinated. According to him, “Fully vaccinated people are being hospitalized, and…19 percent of them have died.” McCullough goes on to say: “This is not a crisis of the unvaccinated. That’s just a talking point. The vaccinated are participating in this.” McCullogh is not alone, other doctors are seeing the same thing. For instance, according to Dr. Jeffrey Barke, a primary care physician in Newport Beach, California, “multiple patients" in his practice, "who are fully vaccinated" are being "admitted to local hospitals.” Dr. Barke goes on to ask, “If the vaccine works so well, why are we now pushing a booster?” According to Dr. James Neuenschwander, an expert on vaccine safety in Ann Harbor, Michigan, the vaccines are not as effective as public health officials are telling us. “This is a product," Dr. Neuenschwander insists, "that’s not doing what it’s supposed to do." Although "it’s supposed to stop transmission of this virus," Dr. Neuenschwander complains, "it’s not doing that.”


Despite all the above, our government is intentionally scapegoating the unvaccinated as the "Typhoid Marys" of America's COVID-19 pandemic. Along with the government, the mainstream media, as well as a large swath of our population, who've been successfully brainwashed into believing whatever our politicians and press tells them, have joined in the merciless vilifying of the unvaccinated. For instance, President Obama's Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan, recently compared unvaccinated Americans to jihadist suicide bombers, who kill themselves, in order to kill others. Why is the truth being censored, facts denied, unvaccinated Americans demonized, our right to self-determination revoked, and our government seizing dictatorial power over our healthcare? The answer, though few are willing to face it, is unmistakable. It's not about curtailing a disease, but about creating a despotism! While the American people are obsessed with fear over losing their lives to a pandemic, they're actually losing their liberty to despots.