August 20, 2021 @ 7:45 AM

We are living in the biblically predicted perilous times of the last days (2 Timothy 3:1). 


1. We are living in a day when the country we have known and loved is being reduced to ruins by democratic socialists—anti-American antichrists—who hope to raise from its ruins their long dreamed of New World Order and socialist utopia, which will lead this fallen world in its Biblically predicted final and consummate all-out-assault on Christ and all things Christian. 


2. We are living in a day that finds our whole world in its free-falling downward spiral into the ever-deepening darkness of the perilous times of the last days. 


3. We are living in a day when the contemporary church in America is becoming apostate by prostituting itself to today’s politically correct and woke culture.


In light of all of this, many are asking the question: "What's a Christian to do?" What should we do in these days and times—these last days and perilous times? I hope, in answer to this most pertinent question, to post from time to time in the days ahead some things we should definitely do in these last days and perilous times. Today’s post is the initial post in this prospective series of posts.


In Isaiah 26:20-21, God instructs His faithful remnant to “enter into [their] chambers, and shut [their] doors behind them,” in order to “hide [themselves]” until “the moment” of His divine “indignation” is past. As God “comes out of His place to punish the inhabitants of the earth for their iniquity,” and to hold the earth accountable for the “blood” on its hands and the graves of its “slain,” the saints are to seclude themselves in their chambers and to separate themselves from this world.


Unbeknownst to the vast majority of America’s evangelical Christians, our country, which is the book of Revelation’s “THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS,” is presently under the judgment of God for its perpetration of unprecedented spiritual harlotry. After all, what other nation in history has gone from being the greatest Christian nation in the world to an antichrist nation that is not only trying to stamp out the Christian faith in its midst, but also in all the world. Although many perceive America’s political progressives—anti-American antichrists—as the destroyers of America, they are actually just the instruments of divine retribution. They are being used by an indignant God to punish America for our iniquities and to hold us accountable for the blood on our hands and the graves of our slain, such as the 60 million babies we’ve aborted since our Supreme Court’s infamous Roe v. Wade Decision in 1973.


in this “moment” of divine indignation on our Christ-rejecting nation, faithful Christians need to follow the inspired instructions of Isaiah 26:20-21. We too need to “enter into [our] chambers, and shut [our] doors behind [us],” in order to “hide [ourselves]” until the judgment of God is past. In other words, we must now seclude ourselves in our personal prayer closets and private house churches, as well as separate ourselves from this world, by only going out into it when we have to and when God leads us to, trusting God on these occasions to give His angels charge over us and to surround us with the hedge of His protection. 


We would do well to remember that when God’s judgment fell on ancient Egypt, His chosen people were spared from each plague, thanks to the fact that they stayed secluded and separated from the Egyptians in the land of Goshen (Exodus 8:22; 9:26). Also, we would do well to pay special attention to God’s calling of us to come out of America—“THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS”—so that we will “not [be] partakers of her sins” nor “receive of her plagues” (Revelation 18:4). 


When God’s chosen people realized that the Hebrew monarchy, which had not only turned its back on God, during the idolatrous reign of King Solomon, but had also become tyrannical and oppressive under Solomon’s son and successor, Rehoboam, the call went out throughout the land, “To your tents, O Israel” (1 Kings 12:16; 2 Chronicles  10:16). Today, finding ourselves under an antichrist government that is becoming increasingly tyrannical and oppressive, the call needs to once again go out throuhout the land to the people of God, “To your tents, O Israel”; that is, to your personal prayer closets and private house churches.


To learn more about house churches and the need for us to return to the New Testament blueprint for the church in these perilous times of the last days, read our book: The Ichthus Church.