July 17, 2021 @ 7:15 AM

During his run for the White House, Joe Biden stained the hands of the then occupant of the Oval Office, Donald Trump, with the blood of all American fatalities of the coronavirus. According to Biden, Trump not only could have, but should have prevented any American from dying from the virus. Of course, now that he occupies the Oval Office, Biden disavows any personal responsibility for coronavirus fatalities in America, having publicly admitted that he can do nothing about it. Apparently, the presidency has lost its god-like powers in Biden's hands that it previously possessed in Trump's hands.


There is, however, in Joe Biden's mind, what little is left of it, blame to be laid at certain feet for coronavirus fatalities in America today. According to Joe, Facebook is killing people, because it allows posts on its platform from people who are skeptical about rolling up their sleeve for a COVID vaccine. According to Biden, the failure of Facebook to censor and silence all antivaxers is the reason we still have coronavirus fatalities. Therefore, Biden's Administration, in collusion with Facebook, is now working to brand unvaccinated Americans as "Typhoid Marys," and to ban from social media all outspoken skeptics of the vaccine as the "killers" of all present-day coronavirus fatalities.


While the Biden Administration continues its ceaseless effort to keep America in a panic attack over the coronavirus pandemic, it is working covertly to silence and censor the voices of all Americans who refuse to parrot its compulsory talking points. Consequently, while feigning to be saving our lives, it is stealing our liberties, which brings to our mind the wise counsel of one of America's Founding Fathers. Benjamin Franklin warned us that those who give up their liberty for security deserve neither and are destined to lose both!