May 21, 2021 @ 7:00 AM

Our country is increasingly becoming antichrist and anti-Semitic. While anything that might offend others in the slightest sense, such as refusing to use nongendered pronouns, is immediately condemned in today’s America as intolerance, it is, at the same time, open season in today’s America on Jews and Christians. As the book of Revelation predicts, the beastly world power at the end of time will seek to destroy God’s two witnesses upon the earth—His Old Testament people Israel and His New Testament people the church (Revelation 11:1-13). We’re watching right now, before our very eyes, our own country assuming this beastly end-time role. You better wake up to the fact that you’re not living in America anymore, but in the Biblically predicted beastly end-time persecutor of the only two witnesses God has ever had on this fallen planet—Jews and Christians.