April 28, 2021 @ 8:30 AM

Who could have ever imagined an America in which Americans were calling for both the defunding and abolishing of police? In addition, who could have ever imagined America’s largest political party being in sympathy with such anarchists and their anti-police movement? Yet, here we are; the unimaginable has become reality, anarchy has become popular, and law and order is being seriously threatened!


As the serious student of Scripture knows, one of the Biblically predicted signs of the end times is lawlessness (Matthew 24:12; 2 Thessalonians 2:3). Of course, this explains why the Apostle Paul predicts the last days will be the most perilous times in all of human history (2 Timothy 3:1). It also explains why our Lord warned that the perilous times of the last days will have to be cut short by His return, lest no one be left alive on this fallen planet (Matthew 24:21-22). 


Another prediction of our Lord about the perilousness of the perilous times of the last days is found in Matthew 24:37-39. Here, our Lord predicts that just as it was in “the days before the flood” and in “the days of Noah…so shall [it] also [be at] the coming of the Son of man.” Now, the context of these words of Christ prove that He was pointing out how judgment will suddenly and unexpectedly fall upon an end-time world just as it did upon the prediluvian world of Noah’s day. However, there is more here than immediately meets the eye.


In Genesis 6:5 and 6:11, we are given a frightful description of the prediluvian world of Noah’s day. According to Scripture, “the earth,” at that time, “was filled with violence” and “every imagination [and] thought of [man’s] heart was only evil continually.” It was for this reason that God became grieved that “He [had] made man on the earth” and decided to judge the earth with an earth-destroying flood (Genesis 6:6). The Apostle Peter predicts that a grieved God will once again judge and destroy the earth, but the next time with fire rather than a flood (2 Peter 3:3-11). The clear inference of Peter’s prediction, which makes most foreboding Christ’s prediction in Matthew 24:37-39, is that the last days of planet earth will be marked by the same kind of violence and lawlessness that was prevalent upon the earth in the days of Noah.


Are you aware of the fact that God ordained human government after the flood? In Genesis 9:1-6, God instituted government as a restraint to murder, as well as a restraint to all violence and evil, which had filled the earth before the flood and precipitated God’s destruction of the prediluvian world. According to the Apostle Paul, the God ordained role of all human government is the restraint of evil (Romans 13:1-7). This is why God has given government the sword; it is to protect the innocent, punish the evildoer, and to maintain law and order in civil society. 


What happens in a country when its government ceases to perform its God-ordained role? Will that country not find evil unrestrained in its streets, violence breaking out everywhere, and itself reverting back to resemble the perilous prediluvian world of Noah’s day? Well, welcome to today’s America and the Biblically predicted perilous times of the last days. Truly, Jesus is coming, for our day is becoming like the evil, violent, and lawless days of Noah, just as our Lord predicted would happen just prior to His Second Coming!