March 26, 2021 @ 9:00 AM

While the First and Second Amendments to the United States Constitution are definitely being imperiled by present-day power-grabbing progressives, there is one constitutional amendment Democrats are protective of and passionate about. It is the 25th Amendment, which declares the Vice President successor to the presidency in the case of an incapacitated President. To any openminded observer, it should now be obvious that Democrats are greasing the rack to slide Kamala Harris into the Oval Office, as soon as they publicly announce, as they’ve planned all along,  Ole Joe’s committal to a padded room.


Irregularities in the Biden White House are mounting and becoming more and more disconcerting. For instance, unlike previous administrations, the president’s schedule is not being posted online, the White House visitor logs for all of the president’s virtual meetings are not being released, and, on many days, an early lid is put on the White House press corps. In addition to all of this, President Biden broke a 100-year-old record by refusing to hold his first presidential press conference until yesterday, the  65th day of his presidency. 


In yesterday’s press conference, preselected questioners were called on by the president, who had scripted answers prepared to read to their questions, which had obviously been presubmitted beforehand, if not verbatim, at least in sum and substance. Despite the carefully choreographed charade our president still stumbled into one of his ever-multiplying cognitively impaired moments. Part of his response to one of his preselected questioners’ question included this unintelligible gibberish: “So the best way to get something done, if you — if you hold near and dear to you that you like to be able to — anyway — we’re going to get a lot done —And if we have to —“


Have you noticed Joe Biden’s shadows, his wife Jill and his Vice President Kamala Harris? More and more one or the other of these two are found by his side. For instance, Jill Biden often sets with her husband during interviews, in order to help him answer interviewers’ questions. I guess you could say Jill Biden is more than the “First Lady,”  she’s also the nation’s “First Caregiver,” since her husband is our first cognitively impaired president, a man incapable of answering questions without his spouse or a script.


When it comes to Joe’s other shadow, Vice President Kamala Harris, she is often at the president’s side to point him in the right direction, such as when he got confused and couldn’t figure out which way to go while boarding Marine One this past Sunday. Kamala has even sent him back to the podium on at least one occasion to get his mask, which he had forgotten and started to walk away without, in violation of his own mask mandate.


One of the most perplexing peculiarities of the Biden Presidency is the fact that Kamala, not Joe, is taking White House calls from foreign leaders. This, unprecedented peculiarity may help explain, along with Joe’s cognitive impairment, why he keeps calling Kamala Harris President rather than Vice President. It may also explain why Russian President Vladimir Putin has challenged Joe Biden to join him in a live virtual conference for all of the world to watch. Putin knows, as other foreign leaders certainly do, that our leader is not about to accept such an invitation, lest the whole world learn that the helm of our country is unmanned, because our president is unhinged.


What the irregularities and peculiarities of the Biden Presidency, as well as Joe’s shadows, his wife Jill and his Vice President Kamala Harris, suggest, is surely substantiated by other things. Joe Biden is the shadow President of a shadow government. He is a puppet president whose strings are controlled by behind the scenes puppeteers, who are themselves the real powers that be. Permit me to present just one example of a preponderance of substantiating evidence.


Joe Biden announced Wednesday that Kamala Harris has been put in charge of solving the seemingly unsolvable crisis on our southern border. He said he could “think of nobody better qualified to do this,” despite the fact that Kamala was cackling over this crisis the day before and has previously compared U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to the Ku Klux Klan. According to our President, whenever the Vice President “speaks, she speaks for him”  and “doesn’t have to check with [him]” about anything she says or does.


As disturbing as all of this is, what is far more disturbing is what occurred immediately after our president made this announcement. He turned to Ron Klain, his Chief of Staff, and asked, “Ron, who am I turning this over to.” Notice, the president realizes he’s not in charge, doesn’t know who is, nor who he’s supposed to turn things over to. Ron Klain quickly responded by thanking the president for turning things over to him and ordering the press to immediately leave the room. As the press exited, shouting questions at the president, Biden sat there looking befuddled and bewildered. 


This incident reminds us of a similar White House incident earlier this month, when, during a virtual conference with House Democrats, President Biden said to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, “I’m happy to take questions, if that’s what I’m supposed to do, Nance.” Again, notice, the president doesn’t know what he’s suppose to do. He is dependent upon someone else telling him what to do. Then, the president, in what can only be seen as proof positive that he’s not in charge, but under the control of his covert inner circle, adds, “Whatever you want me to do.” At this point, the virtual feed to the virtual conference was abruptly cutoff, lest our president be perceived, as he certainly appears to be, a mere puppet whose strings are controlled by his backstage puppeteers.     


A recently leaked White House memo instructs all federal agencies to stop referring to Biden’s Presidency as the “Biden Administration.” Instead, they are instructed to henceforth refer to it as the “Biden-Harris Administration.” Never before in American history has a presidential administration referred to both the President and the Vice President when referring to the White House as a whole. Here, then, is another inexplicable anomaly that has one suspicious that something is rotten in this White House. One can’t help but think that Joe is just a cutout placard prompt up against the presidential podium, Kamala is the gofer-in-waiting who is being groomed to slide into Joe’s place behind the presidential seal, and the real powers that be are somewhere in the shadows of the White House, safely out of sight from the American public.