March 24, 2021 @ 8:30 AM

Boulder's senseless bloodshed and systemic bigotry spells catastrophe for our country. Yes, there is systemic racism in America, but contrary to popular belief, it's against white people. The white race is being universally demonized in today's America and blamed for all that ails us. If this vitriol was directed toward any other race, it would immediately be recognized for what it is, the most egregious kind of racism. Yet, somehow, since it's meant only to impale those with white skin pigmentation it's virtuous rather than villainous.


The moment the sad story broke of the mournful mass shooting in Boulder yesterday, the typical suspect was blamed. The media and its progressive pundits quickly laid all the empty shell casings at the feet of another white supremacist, who had ruthlessly gunned down racial minorities because of his bloodthirsty bigotry. For instance, our Vice President's own niece quickly took to Twitter and tweeted that "violent white men are the greatest terrorist threat to our country." However, the tweeters, media, and progressive pundits were forced to backpedal after the facts were pedaled out. The shooter, a Syrian by the name of Ahmad Al Alwi Alissa, is a Muslim, who appears to have specifically targeted white victims over his hatred of white supremacist Islamophobes. Um, I wonder who incited such ill will toward whites in the mind of this mass murderer?


Progressive politicians who perpetually fuel the flames of white hatred are color-blind to how their divisive identity politics instigates such horrendous crimes as the one perpetrated yesterday in Boulder, Colorado. Instead, they argue that the solution to mass shootings is to unarm America; that is, to repeal the Second Amendment and to revoke Americans' right to bear arms. If you ask me, America ought to rid itself of progressive politicians, not its pistols, since progressives are the ones who provoke an Ahmad Alssa to put his finger on a trigger.