March 14, 2021 @ 8:30 AM

When it comes to justifying their support of progressive antichrists, professed Christians who punch ballots for Democrats have been grasping for thin threads to cling to white knuckled for years. Despite manifold displays of Democrats’ malignant disdain for the Christian Faith, such as conventioneers actually booing God at the 2012 Democratic National Convention, many professed Christians continue to applaud these God booing antichrists. Despite such things as Democrats' denial of the sanctity of human life, which has resulted in the abortion of more than 60 million unborn children, and Democrats' denial of the Biblical definition of holy matrimony, which has not only led to the enshrining of same-sex marriage in our laws, but also to the threat of civil litigation or criminal prosecution against all Bible believers, these supposed Christians keep pretending that punching ballots for antichrists is in no way antithetical to Christianity nor appalling at all to Christ Himself.


Recent events have made the tenuous arguments of Christians aligned with progressive antichrists completely untenable. Unfortunately, at least for their so-called Christian constituents, Democrats are finally and flagrantly flying their true colors. By doing so they have removed the cover under which professed Christians can pretend to punch ballots for Democrats without repudiating their own confessed faith. Take for example, the Democrats’ recently passed “Equality Act.” 


The “Equality Act,” a piece of anti-Christian legislation recently passed by our Democrat-controlled Congress, effectively outlaws Biblical beliefs and Christian convictions that are deemed by Democrats as discriminatory toward the LGBT community. According to Tony Perkins, the President of the Family Research Council, this duplicitous piece of legislation, which for all practical purposes will strip Bible believing Christians of their religious liberty and coerce them, under threat of civil litigation or criminal prosecution, into compromising their beliefs in order to conform to those of militant homosexuals, is “the greatest assault on religious freedom” in the history of our country. In light of this, it’s simply no longer possible for a true Christian to go to the polls and punch a ballot for candidates of a political party that is hellbent on outlawing Bible-believing Christianity in America.


In defense of Democrats' “Equality Act,” Democratic Congressman Jerry Nadler recently made the following public proclamation: “God’s will is no concern of this Congress.” There you have it, our Democrat-controlled Congress could not care less about God's will. Neither God’s will nor His Word are of any consequence to our Democrat-controlled Congress, as Congressman Nadler has proudly proclaimed. Nadler’s public profession about his political party has put all professed Christians who punch ballots for Democrats in a quite a pickle. If, as the Bible teaches, all nations that forget God will be turned into hell (Psalm 9:17), how can a true Christian support a hellish political party that publicly proclaims not only its total disregard for God’s will, but also its total disdain for God’s Word? The obvious answer is, no true Christian can nor ever would!


In another recent attempt to suspend our constitutional rights, this time our Second Amendment right to bear ams, not our First Amendment right to freedom of religion, Senate Majority leader Chuck Schumer actually mocked Christians. According to the good Senator, we need “no more hopes and prayers,” but to simply hand over our guns to the government. While Schumer champions the confiscation of our guns by a Democrat-controlled government, he contemptuously mocks those who pray to God. According to the good Senator, it’s time we surrendered our guns, stop praying to God, and subjugated ourselves to a Democrat-controlled government.


Here’s an incontrovertible truth; the cover of professed Christians voting for antichrist progressives has been blown by blatant Democrats. Possessed with the spirit of antichrist, which is now breaking out all over them, Democrats are no longer able to contain themselves, but are being driven full throttle to trounce Christianity in our country. Therefore, any professed Christian who henceforth votes for a Democrat will prove themselves a hypocrite! There is simply no way a true follower of Jesus Christ can support a political party hellbent on outlawing the practice of the Christian Faith and the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in America.