February 22, 2021 @ 5:00 AM

Presidents have perennially professed to be religious; in fact, almost every American president has professed to be a Christian. Upon close examination, however, most of their Christian confessions have been belied by both their beliefs and behavior. Our presidents, for the most part, have proven themselves to be numbered among those who honor Christ with their lips, but have hearts that are far from Him (Matthew 15:18). 


Like most of our presidents, most present-day politicians, along with the vast majority of our present population, wrap themselves in religious garb and gloat over their religiosity. However, when it comes to the cardinal doctrines of the historic and orthodox Christian Faith, neither our politicians nor the American public hold them in high regard. Instead, the fundamentals of our faith are roundly disdained in today’s America as detrimental to our religious society.


Remember, the initial persecution of the Christian church was perpetrated by the religious leaders of a very religious people; namely, God’s chosen people, the Jews. In light of this, the contemporary church in America should take no more solace in the religiosity of our leaders and land than the first century church took in the religiosity of their leaders and land. It was, after all, the Pharisees, the religious leaders of a very religious Jewry, who plotted Christ’s death and persecuted His disciples. 


That a religious America has set its sites on the fundamental tenets of our Christian Faith, in order to oust them from our land and outlaw them within it, should offer us no comfort at all. Instead, it should cause us great consternation, since this world’s religionists have always been the most ruthless rivals of Christ’s redeemed.  


To those Christians not convinced of our present precarious predicament in the midst of America’s religious professors and practitioners, permit me to offer a particular proof. The New York Times recently acclaimed our new president, Joe Biden, “the most religiously observant Commander in Chief in half a century.” Yet, this religious president, praised by the Times for his religiosity, has not only vowed to sign into law, within his first one hundred days in office, the “Equality Act,” but also called on lawmakers this past Friday to swiftly pass this legislation. This law, already passed by a Democrat controlled Congress in 2019, will effectively outlaw Biblical beliefs and Christian convictions that are deemed by Democrats, like President Biden, as discriminatory toward the LGBT community. Once it is passed by our new Democrat-controlled Senate and signed into law by our new Democrat president, it will strip Bible believing Christians of their religious liberty and coerce them, under threat of civil litigation or criminal prosecution, to compromise their beliefs in order to conform to those of militant homosexuals.


Far from being Christianity’s friend, religion is, and always has been, Christianity’s  greatest foe. A sound doctrine drubbing religious president should give twenty first century Christians no more comfort than the diabolical and scheming religious Pharisees gave to first century Christians. Both are resolved to rout the Christian Faith under the ruse of religion, which has always been the Christian persecutor’s most popular cloak and dagger.