January 24, 2021 @ 7:00 AM

During the presidential campaign, Joe Biden ascribed omnipotent power to the presidency. Of course, he did so in order to blame President Trump for every coronavirus death in America. According to Biden, if President Trump "had done his job, all the people [coronavirus fatalities] would still be alive." Biden added that he was "not making this up," insisting that a "look at the data" would prove to everyone that President Trump had failed to use his godlike powers to prevent American deaths during the coronavirus pandemic. 


Interestingly, now that Joe Biden has assumed the presidency, he has suddenly stripped it of the omnipotent power he formerly attributed to it, during the Trump Presidency, by admitting that his presidency is impotent to do anything about coronavirus deaths in America. According to our new President, "there’s nothing we can do to change the trajectory of the pandemic in the next several months." Biden is even ominously predicting that our coronavirus fatalities will soon reach "well over 600,000." Of course, our new president's admitted impotence to do anything about it, unlike our former president's supposed omnipotence to have miraculously rid us of it, absolves our present president of any blame for coronavirus fatalities, while ascribing all of the blame for everyone of them to his predecessor.


The Bible derides idolators for the idiocy of their idolatry (Psalm 115:4-8; Isaiah 40:18-20; 44:6-23). Their idols are the products of human hands, the hands of men who grow hungry, thirsty, and faint making graven images. Furthermore, their idols are made of wood, which is carefully selected as less likely to rot and carefully carved so that it will not topple. While they burn part of the wood, to warm themselves and to cook over, they use the rest to build themselves a god, to bow down before and worship. In the end, their idols prove to be impotent. They have mouths, but cannot speak. They have ears, but they cannot hear. And they have hands, but can do nothing.


Is it any less idiotic for today’s Americans to idolize or deify their president than it is for idolators to put their faith and hope in manmade graven images? Isn’t the end result the same, futile faith in an impotent object completely bereft of saving power? The real idiocy in today’s America is not the erection of wooden idols, but the election and idolization of a feeble, cognitively impaired, and impotent old man to the presidency. Just like ancient pagans, who witlessly worshipped wood, today’s Americans are proving themselves “tree stooges” as well, by putting their hope and faith in an impotent president rather than in an omnipotent God.