January 6, 2021 @ 3:30 AM

I’ve said for years that the America we’ve known and loved is gone. In its place has arisen a country that doesn’t even resemble it and is unrecognizable to all of us who fondly remember it. While I’ve been ignored, not to mention lampooned for saying it, I’m suddenly finding myself being joined in chorus by a growing crowd of my own countrymen. Unfortunately, my compatriots have been forced to finally concur with my foregone conclusion by current and incontrovertible facts, which are both irrefutable and irreversible.


Our country is morphing right before our very eyes into something positively beastly, and what’s far more frightening is it’s doing it with the blessing of our citizenry. Rather than protecting the righteous and punishing the evildoer, as God ordained government to do—in order to restrain evil and keep our society orderly and peaceful—our government has become the protector of evildoers and the persecutor of the righteous. For instance, the number one target currently in the crosshairs of our country is Christianity. Whereas political correctness, or as it’s better dubbed, social Marxism, has redefined both Christianity and morality as intolerance, it has, at the same time, declared open season on Christians, for daring to believe in Biblical truth, as well as right and wrong. The die is cast, Christianity must go, and growing majorities among our leaders and throughout our land are saying so.


As disconcerting as it is to see our country stepping into its beastly and Biblically predicted end-time role as the leader of this fallen world’s final and consummate all-out-war on Christ and all things Christian, what is far more disconcerting to me is the cluelessness of the contemporary church in America to the mounting evil now befalling it. Indeed, rather than being fearful of it, many professed Christians are voting for it. Others are little concerned about it, because they either fail to see its malicious malignancy or mistakenly believe they’ll be secretly snatched from its clutches up into the safety of Heaven before it can lay a paw on them. The latter are those who cling to premillennial dispensationalism’s secret rapture of the Christian church, which has been so popularized as to be passed off today as Christian orthodoxy, despite the fact that it is nowhere to be found in Scripture nor in all of Christian history, before the year 1830.


Years ago I came to a crisis of faith, when I realized that I was trying to make what the Scripture says fit into my end-time beliefs rather than making my end-time beliefs fit into what the Scripture says. As a result, I took off the blinders of all of my preconceived ideas and stopped looking at Scripture through the prism of what I’d been taught and always thought. When I did, the Holy Spirit lit up the sacred page to me like a neon sign. The pieces of the prophetic puzzle began to fall perfectly into place, without me having to force or trim any of them in order to make them fit. Of course, this led me to the sudden and shocking realization that what I’d been taught and always thought was not really what prophecy predicted. 


Nothing shocked me more than the Holy Spirit revealing to me the identity of the iron and clay feet of Nebuchadnezzar’s image, Daniel’s little horn, and the first beast of Revelation 13. All of these symbols of the end-time superpower, which will lead the end-time world in its final and consummate assault on Christ and His church, represent, as the Spirit made clear to me, America. We are the beast! 


I’ve preached this message at great cost and consequence to myself. I’ve been blackballed from churches, lost friends, and been denounced as unpatriotic, as well as a heretic. Yet, I feel today, like Mordecai told Queen Esther, that for such a time as this, God has raised me up. The time has come and what I’ve maintained for sometime is now manifesting itself in our time. It is becoming undeniable. You and I are living in the belly of the beast and are about to be prepared for our Lord’s return by being purified by unprecedented persecution. The question is, “Are you willing to rethink what you’ve always thought and been taught, or will you continue to cling to your preconceived ideas in spite of the preponderance of all the contradictory evidence now surrounding you?” Your answer to this all important question will determine whether or not you and yours are prepared for what’s to come.