August 6, 2020 @ 10:00 AM

Contrary to popular belief, there is no consensus among scientists over masks. Some, who formally pooh-poohed them, now promote and peddle them, while others still insist that they are useless. Some scientists, however, actually contend that masks are harmful. For instance, by causing you to re-inhale exhaled CO2 trapped within the mask, wearing a mask raises the risk of hypoxia, a condition in which the body is deprived of adequate oxygen. Masks also, by trapping moisture close to the skin, can cause perioral dermatitis, a breakdown of your skin’s protective barrier around your mouth, nose, and eyes. In addition, the surprising increase in cases of Legionnaires’ disease occurring concurrently with the coronavirus pandemic has some scientists questioning whether or not it can be attributed, at least in part, with the inhaling of bacteria trapped within people’s face masks.

When it comes to the actual benefit of face masks, most of those who promote them admit that they are of minimal benefit at best when it comes to preventing you from contracting the coronavirus. Where masks are proposed to provide somewhat of a curb to the spread of the virus is in preventing you from spreading it to others. Since 90% of those who contract this deadly disease will never know they had it, having never suffered any conspicuous symptoms from it—just another of the cornucopia of contradictions about the coronavirus—it is possible for you to be walking around with it, without any knowledge of it. Therefore, masks are a way of showing you care for others, as well as your patriotism, according to our president. Of course, this means that anyone refusing to wear a mask should be berated for being both uncaring and unpatriotic. 

As the facts of the coronavirus pandemic continue to unfold, it becomes increasingly clear that it’s impossible to add up all we’ve been told. For instance, there are now large coronavirus case spikes in heavy masks wearing countries, such as Japan and the Philippines. On the other hand, Scandinavian countries, where mask wearing was practically non-existent, have fewer cases and fatalities than most of Europe. Granted, Sweden is an exception, since it opted, unlike most of the world, for herd immunity over herd mentality. As a result, Sweden, despite its initial cases and fatalities, has basically no new cases nor fatalities today.

The same inconsistencies with and contradictions to what we’re being told are just as apparent in America as in Europe. Take for example the fact that mask wearing California has suffered spikes in cases and fatalities just like Texas and Florida. Also, New York, which adopted strict mandates early, still has the dubious distinction of more coronavirus cases and fatalities than any other state in America. Add to this the incontrovertible fact that our recent spikes have all occurred after mask wearing mania swept our country and mask wearing mandates were issued to the public. It all adds up to the fact that what we’re being told doesn’t add up!

Once we’re convinced that the truth about masks is being masked from us, we’re left with a most inconvenient truth; or maybe I should say with a couple of most disconcerting questions. First, why is our government mandating the wearing of masks, when there is no scientific consensus for such an intrusion into our personal lives and liberties? Second, why are we willing to don a mask at our government’s demand, without batting an eye at such a despotic dictate? Whereas most Americans may consider donning a mask at nothing more than our government’s demand no big deal, I see it as the beginning of our surrender to a dictatorial Big Brother!