July 31, 2020 @ 6:00 AM

Okay, I’m about to speak some unvarnished bareknuckled truth that will get me condemned by today’s mealy-mouthed, milk-toast “Christianettes.” As I wrote in my book—The Truth About Islam—the Muslim religion, which has always been called the Religion of the Sword, is a militant faith hellbent on forcing the whole world to its knees in submission to Allah, the false god of the Mohammedans. Yet, the contemporary church waves olive branches at our world’s sword-wielding Islamists, as if terrorists bent on our destruction can be appeased by peace signs flashed from stained glass windows. Second, I warned the contemporary church, in my book—Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace; The Compelling Arguments Against Same-Sex Marriage—that while today’s church waved olive branches at Gay Pride Parades, the radical LGBTQ community was fashioning a stake out of government’s coercive power that it intended to drive through the heart of our Christian Faith. I guess it was more important to contemporary Christians to prove they weren’t Is​lam​o​phobes or homophobes than it was to defend the faith once delivered to the saints, as Scripture commands us to do (Jude 1:3). Now, the contemporary church is out to prove it’s not racist by taking a knee to Black Lives Matter Marxists who publicly state their sinister intention to bring down our churches. I know I’m a old soldier of the cross who has been put out to pasture, but I want to state in no uncertain terms how ashamed I am of the cowardly clergy that are commonly found in contemporary church pulpits. Where are God’s mighty warriors today who wax valiant in the fight? They’re as scarce as chickens’ teeth. Instead, we have a bunch of spiritual pantywaists in our pulpits attempting to appease antichrists who are our avowed adversaries and out to abolish our faith altogether. No wonder Jesus asked, “When the Son of Man comes, will He find faith on the earth” (Luke 18:8).