July 3, 2020 @ 7:00 AM

The motto of America's greatest generation was God, family, and country. This was not just their list of priorities, but their priorities listed in order of importance. To make America great again, todays God-forsaking generation, which has declared all-out-war on the traditional family and American traditions, would have to adopt the motto of our greatest generation. For it to do so would be equivalent to an atheist adopting the Apostle's Creed. 

According to Jesus, a choice between kin—our second priority—and Him—our first priority—should pose no dilemma to His disciples (Luke 14:26-27). Indeed, our devotion to our loved ones should so pale in comparison to our devotion to our Lord that a choice between the two should be easily and expeditiously resolved in an instant.

If conflict between our faith and family is to be so readily resolved, how much swifter and simpler should any conflict between Christ and country be concluded? While we’re to render to Caesar that which is Caesar’s, we’re not to render to Caesar that which is God’s; namely, our undivided allegiance (Matthew 22:21). Like Peter and John before the Sanhedrin—the Supreme Court of their day—we too must choose the higher law of our Lord over the lower law of our land whenever the two are diametrically opposed to one another.

With our country being increasingly demonized with the ever-growing spirit of antichrist presently sweeping our Satanically controlled planet, we desperately need a theology of civil disobedience; that is, a clear line of delineation that clearly marks when and where we must draw the line of defiance to our government’s ever-increasing dogmas and dictates. Too many contemporary Christians in America erroneously equate unquestioning submission to our country as unfaltering service to Christ, despite the fact our nation has ceased to be Christian and become antichrist.

Christ did not call us to be American patriots, but His disciples. Our personal and passionate devotion is to be to Christ, not our country. While we’re to be good citizens, as Christ’s ambassadors in America, we’re not our country’s chattel. Our citizenship is in Heaven, and it is to our Heavenly country alone that we owe our ultimate and undivided allegiance (Philippians 3:20).

Only those among us who truly understand to whom our paramount devotion is due will faithfully persevere for Christ through the impending and unprecedented persecution soon to come upon us in the perilous times of these last days. All the rest, will be weeded out of the true Church of Jesus Christ, like tares from the wheat, over their divided loyalties and refusal to defy the unchristian laws of our land in deference to the higher law of our Lord. 

Will you take up the cross or the flag when inevitably forced to choose between the two? According to Jesus, such a decision will pose no difficulty to His true disciples, who are always invariably and immediately willing to forsake all to faithfully follow Him (Luke 14:33).