April 6, 2020 @ 9:00 AM

The doomsayers of science are instrumental in the instituting of despotism. For instance, Adolf Hitler used German scientists to convince the German people that he had to be given dictatorial power as their Fuhrer in order to save them, the superior Aryan race, from extinction. 


A free people must be persuaded that their lives are in peril prior to surrendering their rights and privileges to a despot. Furthermore, they must be equally persuaded that the despot to whom they've surrendered control over their lives is capable of saving their lives. It is never to a perceived dictator that a free people subjugate themselves, but always to a perceived deliverer.


When it comes to the doomsayers of science, they've been attempting for years, along with their political cohorts, to convince us all that we must surrender control of our lives if we hope to save ourselves, our posterity, and our planet. They've predicted droves of doomsday scenarios; such as, us starving to death over our planet's overpopulation, us freezing to death in a coming Ice Age, and us being turned into little briquettes and our planet into a smoldering ember over global warming. Of course, thanks to our planet's uncooperative climate, which keeps changing rather than confirming their dire doomsday predictions, today's scientific doomsayers have resorted to predicting earth's end in twelve years because of its unpredictable climate change.


Well, it's another dire prediction from this same doomsaying scientific community that has presently changed our country into a police state and confined us to our homes, where we cower in corners distancing ourselves from one another, lest we contract from each other the coronavirus. Now, this is not to say that the coronavirus is not a serious illness, which we would be wise to safeguard ourselves and our families against by taking personal precautions. It is to say, however, that we should not surrender our common sense to artificial intelligence—the models being used by scientific doomsayers to predict deaths in apocalyptic proportions. These models' calculations, which are based on assumptions, are proving to be exaggerated and anything but exact. Still, on the projections of these models and the predictions of our doomsaying scientific community, we've allowed our government, as our perceived deliverer, to wield dictatorial power over us. 


Soon we'll be out from under the scourge of this pandemic, but how about out from under the thumb of Big Brother? Will we discover in the days ahead that the greater problem during these days of pandemic was public panic, purposely instigated to push us into the arms of what was initially perceived to be a life-saving government, but will ultimately prove to be a tyrannical one?