April 23, 2020 @ 2:30 PM

Our nanny state, which has been created by an infantile populace that seeks sustenance from government succor, has turned into “Mommie Dearest.” Overnight, Big Brother has transitioned from the protector and preserver of our inalienable God-given rights into the final arbiter of them, either permitting or prohibiting them as he perceives necessary for our protection. Not only have our liberties, along with our Constitution and Bill of Rights, been suspended, but our livelihoods as well. Without warning, we’ve been walloped with mass business closures and mass unemployment, as well as watched in bewilderment as our booming economy nosedived in a nanosecond into a free-fall. In response, our lamebrained leaders are attempting to financially prop us up by temporarily adding our whole population to the government dole with trillions of dollars of hot checks written on bankrupt federal coffers. And to what do we owe this enormous economic and societal collapse of unprecedented proportions? The unbelievable answer is: COMPUTER MODELS!


Yelp, what the old-timers warned us about and we scoffed at is turning out to be true. COMPUTERS HAVE TAKEN OVER THE WORLD! The computer models upon which the draconian policies of our government are being implemented are being passed off on the American public, as well as on the world’s population, as the findings of irrefutable science, despite the need for daily adjustments to their innumerable and inescapable inaccuracies. All I can say is;  it’s a good thing these computer models are not Biblical prophets, who were promptly stoned to death on the spot for any imprecise prognostications. By calling these fluctuating models factual science, medical professionals save them from stoning, as well as silence all critics by suggesting that naysayers are unscientific nitwits who refuse to nod to the golden calves of computer simulators.


Most Americans appear totally unalarmed by the fact that these computer models are hatched by the same eggheads who comprise today’s popular climate change cult. It’s from similar computer models that climate change cultists get their doomsday predictions, which they propagate in order to persuade us to surrender control of our personal lives to them, lest we’re all reduced to little charcoaled briquettes and our planet to a smoldering ember over the next twelve years. It also appears to have slipped America’s collective memory that previous despots have effectually employed the aid of so-called science to enslave their populaces, such as Adolf Hitler, who persuaded the German people, with the help of German scientists, to subjugate themselves to him in order to save themselves; that is, their superior Aryan Race.


When these computer models started spitting out initial projections of 2.4 million deaths from the coronavirus in these United States, mass hysteria hit in a hurry. With so petrifying a prognosis, petrified politicians were easily prodded by medical professionals with the poker of political expediency to instantaneously institute desperate measures. Fearful of being perceived by the public as having the blood of so many pandemic fatalities on their hands, our political leaders became putty in the hands of medical professionals, willing to do whatever they prescribed, no matter how bad the side effects of their prescription would ultimately prove to be to our country. It didn’t matter to our leaders if our country ended up dying from the cure, all that mattered to them was that they were seen forcing us to take our medicine, so that none of us could hold them accountable for countless coronavirus casualties.


In the progression of the coronavirus pandemic, our medical professionals’ touted computer models have proven themselves inexact, not to mention tremendously exaggerated. They’ve had to be repeatedly adjusted to square with reality. For instance, they’ve been adjusted down from 2.4 million fatalities to 1.5 million, from 1.5 million to 240 thousand, from 240 thousand to 100 thousand, from 100 thousand to 90 thousand, from 90 thousand to 86 thousand, from 86 thousand to 81 thousand, from 81 thousand to 61 thousand, and from 61 thousand to 60 thousand, a figure comparable with the annual number of fatalities from the seasonal flu. 


In addition to the need to be repeatedly recalculated, the number of fatalities from the coronavirus is also being considerably miscalculated. For instance, thousands of New York City fatalities are “presumed” to have died from the coronavirus, despite the fact that they were never tested for the virus nor diagnosed as having actually contracted it. These “presumed” coronavirus fatalities are not only being tallied to figure the virus’ mortality rate in New York, but in other states as well, such as Connecticut, Ohio and Delaware. 


Adding to the misleading figure of the virus’ actual fatalities is the fact that the death of every coronavirus patient is attributed to the virus, regardless of the actual cause of death. Most deaths, as we know, are attributable to underlying conditions. While the virus causes life-threatening complications for those with underlying conditions, it is the underlying conditions, not the virus, that serve as the actual cause of death. It has been suggested by one study that at least 40 percent of coronavirus fatalities, thanks to other serious health problems, already had a medical prognoses of less than a year to live. Still, as Dr. Deborah Brix, the coordinator of the White House Coronavirus Task Force, has said, “If someone dies with Covid-19, we are counting that as a Covid-19 death.” One can’t help but wonder, does this mean that you count as a coronavirus causality any confirmed, but asymptotic patient, who dies in a skydiving accident, a car crash on the New Jersey Turnpike, or is eaten by an alligator in Florida.


There is prolific proof of the exaggerated predictions of computer models and of the embroidered tally of coronavirus casualties. For instance, rather than hospitals being overwhelmed all across America, as the computer models predicted, many hospitals have been forced to layoff staff, due to the cancellation of all elective and non-emergency procedures. In Washington state, where the governor became so panicked by the dire predictions of computer simulators that he demanded inordinate resources at incredible taxpayer expense, a massive army field hospital, built by hundreds of troops, has been dismantled without ever treating a single patient. In addition, 400 ventilators have been returned without ever being used. Even in New York City, our country’s undisputed coronavirus hotspot, the US Comfort, the Navy hospital ship moored in New York Harbor, and the Javits Center, which has been transformed into a military-run hospital, have treated only a handful of patients. For the most part, 2,000 trained medical personnel have been sitting around on their hands for a month, because New York’s Governor, Andrew Cuomo, and New York City’s Mayor, Bill de Blasio, got to wringing their hands over the petrifying prognostications of computer models.


One figure that has not been fed to the computers during our current computer generated coronavirus scare is the number of fatalities that have resulted from it. For instance, during this time, how many people have died because of postponed surgeries or cancelled medical procedures? How much has our suicide rate increased? And what other deaths have occurred as a direct result of the drastic measures being taken to curb the spread of the virus, such as the murder of a Floridian by a Florida inmate the day after he was released from an overcrowded jail to prevent the spread of the virus among the jail’s inmates and corrections officers.


While America has been mesmerized by the voices of Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Deborah Birx, the Pied Pipers of President Trump’s Coronavirus Task Force, as well as the drum major and majorette in today’s computer model parade, other voices are being drowned-out and brushed-off. For instance, many medical professionals, such as Professor Knut Wittkowski, the head of Rockefeller University’s Department of Biostatistics, Epidemiology, and Research Design, argue that the worst way to deal with an airborne respiratory virus is with social distancing and full mitigation. According to these experts, full mitigation eliminates the herd immunity necessary for humans to develop immunity to a respiratory virus, which is the only way to kill the virus once and for all. By advocating, as Dr. Fauci has, perpetual social distancing and the future possibility of periodic government imposed mitigations, these countervailing voices contend that the American people may very well end up perennially susceptible to viruses. Although these experts agree with Fauci and Birx about the quarantining of the most vulnerable in our society during times of pandemic, they argue that the quarantining of our entire population will not kill a virus, but keep it alive.


Another voice being muted during this time of full mitigation is that of a renowned mathematician, Professor Isaac Ben-Israel, who is the chair of the Securities Studies Program of el Aviv University, the chairman of Israel’s National Council for Research and Development, and the head of the Israeli Space Agency. Professor Ben-Israel has meticulously plotted the rates of new coronavirus infections in nearly a dozen countries. He has concluded from his simple statistical analysis that the spread of the coronavirus peaks after about 40 days and declines to almost zero after 70 days, regardless of the measures employed by governments to thwart the threat. For instance, Ben-Israel’s figures show how the virus follows a set pattern in countries like ours, which have taken extreme measures to curb the spread, as well as in countries like Sweden, which has been relatively lax, allowing the virus, for the most part, to run its course. In conclusion, Ben-Israel has summed up the drastic measurers taken to curb the spread of the coronavirus by countries like his (Israel) and ours (America) as nothing more than “mass hysteria”! 


Alex Berenson, a former New York Times reporter, who primarily covered America’s pharmaceutical industry, is another voice crying out in the wilderness of today’s Wuhan virus. Berenson is not only sounding the alarm about the flawed computer models that have dictated draconian governmental policies, but also decrying the deceptive duping of the American public by medical professionals, who he claims are covering their tracks with the miscalculations of their computer models. As both Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx unabashedly argue, the gross miscalculations of their computer models’ prognostications serve only to prove that the good doctors themselves have prescribed the proper prescription for America’s protection. According to Fauci and Birx, the reason millions of Americans have not died from the coronavirus, as their computer models originally predicted, is because our government has force-fed us Fauci and Birx’s bitter pill, in spite of its devastating side effects on our liberties and livelihoods. However, Berenson points out that the worst case scenarios of Fauci and Birx’s beloved computer models already had baked into them Fauci’s and Birx’s prescribed prescriptions, such as social distancing. Therefore, it’s not, as Fauci and Birx audaciously argue, that they’ve been so right in what they’ve told us to do that they’ve made their computer models wrong, but that we’ve all been told by them what to do, at great cost and consequence to ourselves, as well as to our country, on the basis of the bogus prognostications of their computer models.


It’s easy to understand why the egregious errors of computer models are now being passed off by academics, like Fauci and Birx, as well as by our lily-livered political leaders, as proof of their extraordinary and exemplary leadership in a time of national emergency. Otherwise, for the damage they’ve done to our country, not to mention to our civil liberties, we’d be demanding these physicians and politicians’ heads on pikes. We’ve moved, unbeknownst to most Americans, into a unprecedented and most perilous predicament. We’ve become slaves to computer models and our political leaders puppets to medical professionals, who are portrayed by our media as infallible demigods. All of this is leading us lickety-split into what is being forecast as “the new normal”—an America in which all Americans live under doctors’ orders, which are prescribed by computer models and enforced by government mandates.