April 15, 2020 @ 9:20 AM

We find ourselves in a day when we’re repeatedly told that the preposterous propositions of our so-called experts are proven fact. Anyone daring to suggest that simple common sense brings some expert’s unquestionable dogma into question, will be immediately castigated as a crazy conspiracy theorist. For instance, as I wrote back in March (see my article: Made in China https://bit.ly/2ym1M9p), common sense dictates that the origin of the coronavirus was at best suspicious and at worst downright sinister. The virus began in Wuhan China, where the communist Chinese have their largest chemical weapons research facility; where, it might be added, experiments were being conducted on the weaponizing of the coronavirus for its use in germ warfare. Now, to suspect that today’s worldwide coronavirus pandemic can be traced back to something either accidental or intentional that occurred at Wuhan’s chemical weapons facility is not only possible, but most plausible. Yet, our so-called experts, both political and military, as well as our mainstream media, have been quick to pounce on anyone proposing so plausible a possibility as a crackpot conspiracy theorist, as well as an anti-Chinese xenophobe.


Contrary to popular opinion, which is the product of protracted political propaganda, not only in China, but also here in our country, Red China is not our friend. The communist Chinese are hellbent on world domination. To this end, they view all people, including their own, as dispensable. Being, as all communists are, believers in the supremacy of the state, they will stop at nothing and stoop to anything to bring everyone everywhere into the servitude of their communist regime. 


What our politicians have feigned for years as our friendship with The People’s Republic of China is actually their acquiesce to China’s ascendancy at America’s expense. Granted, it has proven politically expedient for our politicians, filling their campaign coffers with millions of dollars from corporate donors who’ve outsourced manufacturing to China in order to increase profits by decreasing the cost of labor. Still, this has been done, not only at the expense of American jobs and China’s exploited workers, but in betrayal of our own country. The simple truth is, to secure campaign handouts from corporate America our politicians have given China the upper hand over us, with which the communist Chinese have been backhanding us for years.


One of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign promises was to level the playing field between us and China. He vowed to end China’s picking of the American taxpayers’ pockets, the outsourcing of American jobs to China, and China’s stealing of our intellectual property. Upon his election to the White House, President Trump, as he promised, entered into trade negotiations with China. When the communist Chinese refused to budge, dug in their heels, jetted out their jaw, and clinched their fists, Trump put billions of dollars of tariffs on Chinese goods coming into our country. Suddenly, China found itself paying rather than just pocketing billions. As a result, its economy, for the first time in years, began to struggle. With Trump in the White House, tough trade negotiations being conducted, billion dollar price tags being put on Chinese imports, the Chinese economy beginning to suffer, and China’s aspiration to become the world’s supreme economic power suddenly in jeopardy, what were the Red Chinese to do?


Enter the coronavirus! What common sense has dictated all along, is finally being admitted by our political and military leaders, as well as in the press. Uncovered State Department memos, warning of the possibility of a worldwide pandemic emanating from Wuhan’s Institute of Virology, as well as China’s continuing coverup of the origin of the Wuhan Virus, have finally opened blinded eyes to the obvious—there is something rotten in Wuhan! While our experts and media still lean toward giving Red China the benefit of the doubt, by proposing that what occurred in Wuhan was accidental, I propose a far more petrifying possibility. What if it was intentional? Furthermore, what hesitancy will the communist Chinese have in releasing on our world other deadly pandemics from Wuhan, now that they have witnessed the devastating effects the coronavirus pandemic has had on the American economy, thanks to our government shutting it down over our scare of the pathogen. Perhaps, President Trump is right, we are at war. However, it’s not with an invisible enemy, as he proposes, but with a visible one; one easily seen when we take a honest look at Wuhan.