March 27, 2020 @ 8:00 AM

Vice President Mike Pence's Coronavirus Task Force is paraded out everyday to report the latest on our present pandemic. However, one thing that is hardly ever mentioned by the Task Force or brought up in a question from the White House Press Corp is the fatality rate of the coronavirus. How deadly is the coronavirus?
Much of the pandemic panic that has been prescribed to our populace by physicians, politicians, and the press comes from the "pharmacy" of the Imperial College. A study of the coronavirus by this world renowned university in London predicted half a million deaths from the virus in England and 2 million in America. It also predicted that an 18-month-quarentine would be necessary to curb the spread of the virus. Now, to put these dire predictions from these academic doomsayers under scrutiny, consider the fact that the Imperil College is in the forefront of the climate change crusade. In fact, one of its professors, Brian Hoskins, has warned that climate change is a greater threat to our species than any virus.
Well, as new statistics are gathered and we learn more about the coronavirus, the Imperial College has been forced to revise its dire predictions. For instance, instead of 500,000 deaths in England, the Imperial College is now predicting only 20,000, half of whom would have died anyway by the end of the year because of old age or other illnesses. In addition, instead of 18 months, the Imperial College is now predicting that the virus will peak and subside within two to three weeks. While these incredible egg on their face emendations are widely reported in England, one is hard-pressed to fine a single line of newsprint about them here in the US.
Although the jury is still out about the fatality rate of the coronavirus, the more statistics are gathered and information gleaned, the more it looks like its fatality rate will be similar to that of the common flu. If this turns out to be the case, as it is now looking more and more likely, then, our government has shut down our nation, crippled our economy, added trillions to our national debt, infringed upon our constitutional rights, and taken a giant step toward transforming us into a socialist state, over nothing more than a flu-like virus. No wonder our press isn't announcing it and our politicians won't admit it.