March 18, 2020 @ 10:00 AM

All it’s took is a virus, which may ultimately prove to have a smaller mortality rate than the common flu, to bring our nation to the brink of totalitarianism.


I’m reminded here of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing, which shutdown the whole city of Boston while authorities searched for a 19-year-old bomber who was cowering in a boat under a tarp in the backyard of a Watertown resident.


Did we not learn anything from 9/11, when our nation’s perceived invulnerability went up in smoke before our very eyes? Once the smoke cleared, what did we see? Was it not the fact that our perceived impregnability had been pulverized by 19 young Muslims armed with nothing but boxcutters?


As the current coronavirus pandemic proves, God can readily and rapidly pull the rug out from under us. Contrary to popular opinion, our nation can be pulled from its superpower pedestal down to perdition by the hand of divine providence in a nanosecond. Likewise, as I’ve preached for years, with considerable cost and consequence to myself, we can swiftly slip into the Biblically predicted end-time scenario of unprecedented and perilous times overnight, as we may well be doing right now before our very eyes.


With our president proposing putting our citizenry on the government dole and nationalizing businesses, not to mention the possibility of a national lockdown, which would require military enforcement, is there any doubt that we could soon find ourselves not only totally dependent upon our government, but also totally under our government’s control?


Many will protest that these desperate measures are required by these desperate times. Our president, you may argue, has to take these drastic steps for our own protection and the preservation of our nation. Still, once taken, how will we walk back from the brink of totalitarianism, taking a dependent citizenry off the government dole, removing government props out from under propped up businesses, and returning a policed society to normalcy without pandemonium, especially in these politically correct times when government is being expected more and more to police everything, even our thoughts and speech?


Don’t kid yourself, we find ourselves today on the cusp of Biblically predicted end-time chaos. While you might understandably be concerned over protecting yourself from the coronavirus, your far greater concern ought to be preparing yourself for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.