November 3, 2020 @ 9:15 AM

One thing a Trump presidency has definitely done for us is prove to us the untrustworthiness of government agencies, the mainstream media, and the Democratic Party. The deep state, the fourth estate, and the DNC have all proved themselves to be enemies of the state. They’ve proudly flown their true colors by flagrantly trying to overturn the 2016 presidential election and undermine the presidency of its duly elected president. As they have incontrovertibly proven, they will stoop to anything and stop at nothing to oust Trump, overthrown his presidency, and overturn the voices and votes of millions of Americans.


In spite of proving themselves to be both treacherous and traitorous, these fifth columnists are now demanding that we entrust our democracy to their safekeeping, by unquestionably believing in the impossibility of voter fraud on their part, while at the same time blindly believing in the unpreventable perpetration of voter suppression on the part of their political opponents. According to Democrats, like James Clyburn, the only way Joe Biden can lose this presidential election is by voter suppression. In other words, it’s an impossibility for Donald Trump to win reelection, unless an abundance of ballots cast for Biden go uncounted. 


As Clyburn’s unconscionable comment proves, the die is cast for Democrats’ next diabolical scheme to overturn the voices and votes of millions of MAGA voters. When you couple with Clyburn’s comment, as well as Joe Biden’s recent claim that chicanery alone can prevent him from prevailing in his bid for the presidency, the Democrats’ new coined phrase and chief talking point, “the red mirage,” you quickly realize how Democrats are desperately attempting to taint a Trump triumph at the polls as an indisputable disenfranchisement of American voters. 


What is this “red mirage” that Democrats are suddenly shouting at the top of their lungs and spreading throughout our land? It is their propagated protestation that a “red wave” for Trump on election night is really just a “red mirage,” since the millions of absentee ballots yet to be counted in the days ahead will inevitably leave Trump trounced and Biden triumphant. Thus, under the ruse of counting every vote, Democrats can keep counting until they reach their desired end, which they contend is a sure thing apart from voter suppression. It’s the perfect “win-win” scenario for Democrats, either Biden ends up victorious, with voter support, or Trump ends up vilified, over voter suppression.


As you may well know, a mirage is an optical illusion that appears to those trapped in arid places, like deserts. That you and I find ourselves today trapped in a spiritually arid America is not only most regrettable, but also irrefutable. Our country has forsaken God, who has responded in kind by forsaking us. This, in and of itself, explains the deplorable state of affairs we find ourselves in on this Election Day. In the days ahead, many deceptive illusions will appear in the arid spiritual atmosphere of America, thanks to our abandoning of God. Be careful, therefore, that you don’t fall for any of them. Instead, daily drink from the Rock, Jesus Christ, your sole source of life-giving water in the wilderness of this world; and daily feast upon the manna from Heaven, God’s Word, your sole spiritual sustenance in the wilderness of this world.