November 6, 2020 @ 10:00 AM

I want to begin this post with some salient points. I don't know how this election will end. I don't know which candidate will win. I don't know if this election will ultimately be decided by counted ballots or court decisions. I don't know if the eventual winner will be a legitimate or an illegitimate president. Although I'm confident that this election is compromised, I don't know to what degree it is intentional and to what extent it can be chalked up to incompetence. No honest American can deny, however, that neither corruption nor incompetence is at a premium in today's America. Finally, all that I've just admitted ought to be admitted by ever objective observer of this election. Yet, herein lies the rub, as well as one of the points of this post—the death of objectivity in America.


The vast majority of today’s Americans see everything through the ever-narrowing tunnel vision of their political prejudice. Their preferred political party, along with its candidates, can do nothing wrong, while the opposing party, along with its candidates, can do nothing right. They view politicians, on their preferred side of the aisle, as Teflon, when it comes to accusations hurled against them, but view all politicians on the opposing side as Velcro, when it comes to accusations hurled against them. I’m constantly amazed in today’s America of how totally blind most Americans are to the faults, frailties, and even downright fiendishness of their favored politicians.


Now, having lodged my complaint about Americans peering through the prism of their political prejudice in their contemplation of all things, permit me to proceed and perturb all political partisans on both sides of the political aisle. First, I don’t think it was prudent of our president to prance out in the midst of the fog of this presidential election and proclaim himself the clear victor. Neither do I believe it helps his case to spew speculative accusations of voter fraud without any accompanying substantiation. Doing so discredits his charges, regardless of whether or not they are true, and arms his opponents to counter charge him with voter suppression and the undermining of our electoral process.


When it comes to Joe Biden, he, unlike his campaign manager, who has already declared him president-elect, simply assures us that he will win the presidency if every vote is counted. Of course, the subtle insinuation in Biden’s proclamation is that the only possibility of his defeat is the disenfranchisement of his voters. Although Biden is crafty in his shrewd insinuation and Trump is crass in his straightforward accusation, both are proposing that anything other than their prevailing will prove their opponent an illegitimate president. According to Biden, voter suppression—not counting every vote—is the only way Trump can end up back in the White House; and according to Trump, voter fraud—counting illegal votes—is the only way Biden can end up in the White House


The above obviously leaves us between a rock and a hard place when it comes to the continuing polarization of our politics and the ever-deepening divide of the American people. Unfortunately, most Americans neither perceive it nor realize their participation in it, which explains why this phenomenon continues unabated to an apparent predestined end—the unraveling of our representative republic. 


Long ago, the ancient Prophet Daniel predicted that the superpower of the end-time world, symbolized by the feet of iron and clay in Nebuchadnezzar’s nightmarish image, would be pulled apart by the polarization of its own people just prior to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ (Daniel 2:41-43). It doesn’t take a rocket-scientist nor a Bible scholar to see that what is transpiring in today’s America is what was foretold by this ancient prophet. Instead of over concerning yourself with this election, you ought to concern yourself with your redemption, for as our country’s continuing division and disintegration confirms, Christ is coming! Are you ready?