November 20, 2020 @ 8:00 AM

Investigative journalists have been replaced in America by media propagandists. The news no longer investigates whether something is true or not, providing us with the hard evidence they’ve painstakingly uncovered, but simply imposes their opinion upon us, insisting that all who refuse to unquestionably accept what they assert are crazy conspiracy theorists. If you’re looking for a real threat to our representative republic, you’ll find one here, in the fact that our press has become the American version of Russia’s Pravda.


It is not the job of our media to call elections, but to report on them. It is not the media’s job to indoctrinate the public with its unilateral fiats, but to inform the public by uncovering the facts. While it is appropriate for the media to demand that Trump’s legal team provide evidence to prove their claim of massive voter fraud, it is most inappropriate for the media to simply dismiss the claim as loony, without even bothering to look into it themselves.


If nothing else, Trump’s legal team has raised several legitimate questions about the legitimacy of this election. Yet, an incurious media ignores the questions and intimates that all who ask them are idiots. At the same time it condemns unproven allegations of voter fraud, our media is turning a blind eye to all the questionable irregularities that bring the legitimacy of our election into serious question.


In the end, our election is being proven neither legitimate nor illegitimate. We’re simply being told to mindlessly trust our president’s legal team or our present-day press, despite the fact that neither are presenting us with the slightest scintilla of PROVEN evidence to substantiate their unsubstantiated case. In light of this, our electoral process is being undermined, but not just by unproven allegations of voter fraud, but by an incurious press, that chooses to pontificate and indoctrinate us rather than to investigate and inform us.