October 9, 2020 @ 7:00 AM

When the citizenry is divided by an unbridgeable chasm and the government is in the firm grip of petulant and perpetual polarization, the only possible prospect for a country is conflagration! As Democrats have manifestly proven in a million and one ways, they are unappeasable, willing to stoop to anything and to stop at nothing in their usurpation of dictatorial control over our lives. Like militant Islamists, they can only be thwarted by being thoroughly thrashed by those they’ve determined to trounce.


Having divided one American against another for decades, with their identity politics and class warfare, Democrats’ current call for unity rings hollow. What they really seek is uniformity, not unity. Their idea of unity is total conformity to their ideology. Their idea of divisiveness is dissent from their dictates. Therefore, Democrats are resolved to rid our republic of all dissenters and to rule it as dictators.


For years I’ve preached to no avail, and to the chagrin of my fellow Christians, about the diabolical evil lying just beneath the bleeding-heart veneer of Democrat Don Quixotes. Knowing that the sharp fangs and claws of fallen men’s fallen natures are bound to eventually show themselves, I rested assured that the sinister mien of these malevolent monsters would inevitable surface for all to see. Well, its ugly head has finally risen and we find ourselves with only two options. We either decapitate it or it devours us; there is no other alternative.


Now, in case you’re tempted to dismiss these words of mine as a diatribe spawned by political partisanship, let me assure you that this article is not inspired by my devotion to Donald Trump or the Republican Party. As we learn from the Bible, the forbidden fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, which our original parents partook of, precipitating the fall of all humanity into rebellion against the Almighty, is made most alluring by its appealing good, not by its atrocious evil. While it may appear to most evangelicals that Donald Trump and the Republican Party are champions of good rather than evil, they do so independent of God—in their flesh rather than in faith—and for their own glory—to make a name for themselves rather than to magnify the name of God’s holy child Jesus. Thus, in the end, both sides of the political aisle are void of God; being partakers of the forbidden fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. One side partakes of its evil fruit, by its insurrection against God and its usurpation of His governance, and the other side partakes of its good fruit, by its independence from God and its usurpation of His glory. Both forbidden fruits estrange us from God and are equally fatal to our immortal souls.


Now that Democrats have shown their hand by casting the die of their diabolic designs, there’s no turning back for America. Will Donald Trump, along with his political party and supporters, surrender to subjugation, by allowing Democrats to takeover our representative republic and transform it into a totalitarian socialist state. Or will they prove themselves Patrick Henrys, resisting to the death, preferring to lose their lives before their liberty. Time will tell; but one thing for sure, whether it’s by surrendering to Democratic tyranny or by empowering Donald Trump with dictatorial power to squash the tyrants, we’ll all soon find ourselves, one way or the other, in an unrecognizable America.


To conclude this timely thesis, I want to turn our attention to that which is of paramount importance, though, lamentably, it is little known, even among the present-day people of God. Far from preserving our republic, as so many American evangelicals presume, the purpose of the church in the world today is to prepare itself, as well as others, for the imminent return of our Redeemer. What we’re facing in these perilous times and dark days, which are growing ever-darker, is intended by God to purify the Bride of Christ for the soon coming of her Bridegroom.


Nothing that’s happening is about our country. Everything that’s happening is about Christ’s church, which the Apostle Paul teaches in the New Testament is the mystery and eternal purpose of God. It is only in the refining fires of end-time tribulation that Christ’s church can be purified and prepared as a bride adorned for her Husband. The church’s dross will soon be consumed and it’s pure gold refined. The wheat of Christ’s church, God’s field, will soon be readied for harvest, while its tares will be gathered for the fires of judgment. And the true sheep of the Good Shepherd, those who know His voice, will soon be separated from the goats, those whom Christ never knew! Do you know Christ’s voice, does Christ know you, and are yo ready for His return? If so, lift up your head, for your redemption draweth nigh!