October 12, 2020 @ 10:30 AM

It is a propagandizing press and pea-brained populace that permits a presidential candidate to shroud his diabolical intentions and to spew downright lies. According to Joe Biden, Americans don't deserve to know whether or not he intends to overthrow the judicial branch of our government by packing the Supreme Court. Furthermore, Joe Biden publicly condemns the constitutionally required filling of a Supreme Court vacancy as unconstitutional. In fact, he claims that an elected Republican president and Senate majority is guilty of court packing for following the Constitution and performing their constitutionally required responsibilities. Obviously, quid pro quo Joe is inventing a pretext for his plotted upcoming court packing.
In case you haven't caught on yet, it's impossible to win a debate with today's Democrats, since they are neither bound by truth or facts nor subject to any accountability for their duplicity. They can easily manipulate the gullible masses to buy in to their balderdash, thanks in no small part to their pals in the press, who gladly serve as their ministers of propaganda. 
On the surface, the Democrats' coalition of devious politicians, a dumbed-down populace, and a designing press appears to be an unconquerable cabal. However, beneath the surface the spiritually astute sees the hands of divine providence orchestrating current events toward their predetermined and Biblically predicted end. While it appears Democrats have the upper hand, with so many aces up their sleeve, they, as well as everything and everyone else, are really in the hands of God, who is directing it all, like a rushing river, to its inevitable conclusion in perfect fulfillment of His plans and purposes (Proverbs 21:1).
While Joe Biden and his political party may, with the assistance of voters at the polls and their pals in the press, pack the United States Supreme Court, the Christian can rest assured that they can neither pack nor impact in anyway the Heavenly Bar, where the Judge of the universe is seated to adjudicate eternal justice. It is God's gavel that will soon strike, opening His end-time case against our Christ-rejecting world. No Democrat or Republican in Washington DC, no voter at the polls, and no reporter or pundit in the media can stop it. All you can do is throw yourself on the mercy of the Heavenly Court, pleading for the pardon made available to you through Jesus Christ, who is your lone Advocate before the eternal bar of justice.