June 23, 2019 @ 7:00 AM

Jim Acosta has let the cat out of the bag at CNN. In a recent interview on CNN, Acosta said to Anderson Cooper: "And to our friends in conservative media, Anderson, I say this, it’s no guarantee that you get to STAY IN POWER forever." NOTICE Acosta's Freudian slip, which clearly exposes his contention that today's press is all about power! Now, Acosta is not talking about the traditional power of the press—a totally unbiased media serving an empowered people by keeping them informed and their government accountable. Instead, he is talking about an extremely biased media serving or resisting the government in power by attempting to persuade the people through propaganda to pick a particular side of the political aisle to which they will become accountable. Much to the chagrin of today's press and public, President Trump is right, as Jim Acosta's Freudian slip proves, our modern-day media has ceased to be our friend and become our foe. In fact, few things are more perilous to present-day America than our own press, which is dedicated to our indoctrination and subjugation rather than our education and emancipation.