May 14, 2019 @ 9:30 AM

It’s easy to see how a socialist candidate running for the presidential nomination of a political party hellbent on stripping Christians of their religious liberty and freedom of speech could transform our country into a totalitarian state if elected to the Oval Office. Anyone failing to see this obvious possibility when looking at the ever-growing cesspool of candidates Democrats are fishing from for their 2020 presidential nominee is either denying reality or too dumb to recognize it. There is, however, another possibility of our country ending up under the iron-fist of a dictatorship that is not so easily seen, unless one has carefully perused the pages of the past and learned from such a serious study of history not to repeat it.
The campaign poster pictured with this post is from a presidential campaign conducted in Germany many years ago. It was used by a populist candidate for the German presidency to promote himself as a “strong man,” who, if elected, would “clean up the swamp” in Berlin. Germany, reeling from its defeat in World War I, from the failed policies of its floundering, inept and liberal democratic government, and from the economic disaster of the Great Depression, was in dire straits. It was a country filled not only with desperation, but with exasperation. Amidst all the rage arose a man promising to “Make Germany Great Again.” Although he lost his bid for the presidency, he was made chancellor and soon thereafter hailed, or should I say “Heiled,” as the German Fuhrer. Interestingly, Adolf Hitler’s rise to power was aided by the church in Germany, which was initially duped into seeing him as a dream come true rather than the nightmare he eventually proved to be. 
Now, before I start getting hate mail from all of you Trump toadies, let me make it plain that my sole purpose in this post is to simply point out our precarious predicament in present-day America. The naive belief among some contemporary evangelicals that Democrats are the party of tolerance, social justice, and economic equality, as well as the equally naive belief among other evangelicals that Republicans represent us as the saviors of our Christian republic, leave all American evangelicals vulnerable to being played by both political parties. When push comes to shove, neither political party is an answer to our prayers, but both are potential nemeses that may soon perpetrate unprecedented persecution against us.