November 9, 2019 @ 5:30 AM


There are only three divinely ordained institutions in our world, the government, the church, and the oldest of the three, the home. Every civilization in the history of the world has been built upon the home. If the home flourished, the civilization flourished. If the home decayed, the civilization decayed. And whenever the home collapsed, the collapse of the civilization quickly ensued.


For decades now the home has been under assault in America. It is as though our nation is suicidally determined to slit the wrists of its core institution. It all began in the sixties with the Sexual Revolution. Whereas past propriety restricted sex to the sanctity of a lifelong and loving marital relationship, which alone provides for the proper propagation of the human race and the proper upbringing of well-balanced children, the Sexual Revolution reduced sex to something casual. As a result, sex ceased to be equated with the lofty ideals of love and commitment and was abased to a mere matter of lust and consent. Rather than meaningful intimacy between a loving couple committed to one another for life in the holy bonds of matrimony, sex became a casual encounter between consenting adults in which each used the other for their own momentary sensual pleasure.


Contrary to the claim of the sixties Flower Children, "Free Love" actually exacted a heavy toll on America. Not only did it bring us an epidemic of sexually transmitted diseases and an eruption of teenage pregnancies, but it has also resulted in millions of aborted, abused, and neglected children. Thanks to the Sexual Revolution, many children are no longer intentionally conceived in their parents' love and welcomed into this world by a doting mom and dad. Instead, they are accidentally conceived by relative strangers during a momentary sexual tryst. As a result of being the unwanted offspring of the sexually wanton, these children end up tossed into the dumpsters of abortion clinics or to the side in abusive homes where they're neither provided for nor properly parented.


Along with the Sexual Revolution and its reducing of sex to something casual, the sixties also brought us no-fault divorce laws, which trivialized marriage. The nuptial vows "till death do us part" and "so long as we both shall live" went from being hallowed to being hollow. Marriage itself was reduced from a permanent social contract to little more than a non-binding agreement.


Prior to no-fault divorce laws, courts sparingly issued divorce decrees. To obtain a divorce required proof of wrongdoing. Divorces were only granted on the gravest of grounds. One's spouse had to be proven guilty of some serious offense; such as, cruelty, adultery, or abandonment. All of this changed, however, with the passage of no-fault divorce laws. Today, divorce decrees are liberally issued by courts and easily obtained by all petitioners. The martial contract, once indissoluble without proper cause, is now easier broken than a cell phone contract. Anyone anywhere can divorce an exemplary spouse at anytime for any reason, even for no reason at all. Consequently, our country's divorce rate has skyrocketed to the point where the majority of modern-day marriages end in divorce?


Today, the only difference most Americans see between marriage and cohabitation is the possession of a marriage certificate, which, thanks to no-fault divorce laws, is believed to be worth no more than the paper it's printed on. This explains to us the cohabiters' common refrain, "Marriage is just a piece of paper." In addition, it explains, along with the sexual promiscuity spawned by the sixties Sexual Revolution, why almost half of the babies born in America today are born out of wedlock.


Although the Sexual Revolution and no-fault divorce laws slit the wrists of traditional marriage, it is the Women's Liberation Movement that should be credited with decapitating America's homes. The feminist firebrands of the sixties and seventies were ignited by the biblical teaching that the husband is the head of the home (Ephesians 5:21-33). Dismissing this divine design for the home as antiquated, not to mention denouncing it as discriminatory, radical feminists launched an all-out assault on the God-ordained role of men in the home.


Along with their attack on the role of men in the home, feminists, with no less venom and vehemence, launched an all-out assault on motherhood, especially on stay-at-home moms. Believing housekeeping to be demeaning, childrearing undeserving of full-time attention, and a career outside the home a woman's only path to ultimate significance, radical feminists challenged America's women to take off their domestic aprons and to take on the business world's glass ceiling. Contrary to the poet, William Ross Wallace, who said, "The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world," the fib of Women's Lib convinced many women that rocking the cradle only hindered their career and cramped their style.


The decapitating of America's homes—cutting off men as the head of households—has been accomplished in no small part by our government's aiding and abetting of the feminist movement. In the minds of many emancipated women, men in the home have been rendered superfluous by today's welfare system. Now that groceries can be provided by Food Stamps and shelter by public housing, women and children no longer need men to provide for them. Likewise, women and children no longer need the protection of a loving husband and father now that they have caring social workers to solve their problems and safeguard them from peril. This reducing of the value of men in the home to expendability goes a long way in explaining why the majority of Americans now see marriage as an obsolete institution and why the majority of American homes are no longer occupied by a traditional family—a husband, a wife, and their biological children.


Thanks to the teaming up of the nanny state with the feminist movement, a plethora of problems has been spawned in these United States. For instance, the chief cause of crime and substance abuse in America, especially in America's inner cities, is not racism, as is customarily claimed, but absentee fathers. Whereas almost half of the babies born in our country today are born out of wedlock, birth statistics in our inner cities are even more frightening. In our inner cities, eighty percent of African American babies are born to unwed mothers and into single-parent homes without a male breadwinner or a father's supervision. This is a formula for social disaster, as is being incontrovertibly proven today in beleaguered cities and towns across the fruited plain.


Make no mistake about it; the breakdown of American society is directly attributable to the breakdown of the American home. In addition, America's current financial crisis is largely attributable to the breakdown of the home. Our nation's rising flood of fatherless homes is swelling welfare rolls and entitlement programs to the point of bankrupting both our federal and state governments. Draining our government coffers and decimating our civilization, this perfect storm whipped up by Flower Children, no-fault divorce laws, feminists, and the welfare state needs little more than another huff and puff to blow our house down.


The final straw needed to break the back of the home in America has now been provided by the legalization of same-sex marriage. It serves as the final nail in the coffin of traditional marriage, the God-ordained bedrock of all orderly human society. Now, I'm well aware that my confident contention here will be readily dismissed as the height of hyperbole and roundly denounced as hate speech. "All gays and lesbians want," proponents of same-sex marriage argue, "is the same right to marry as everyone else." Yet, the truth is, before the legalization of same-sex marriage, homosexuals already had the same right as everyone else to enter into a lifetime partnership with a member of the opposite sex for the purpose of procreation.


The elephant in the room that our politically correct society failed to see is the fact that homosexuals really don't want to marry. What they really want is the legitimization of homosexuality through the redefinition of marriage. They wanted same-sex marriage enshrined in law, so that the definition of marriage would be expanded to include their sexual perversion.


By legalizing same-sex marriage and opening this Pandora's Box, our country has sealed its fate. Here, human history serves us as an unimpeachable witness. Although it records periods within which homosexuality flourished in particular civilizations; such as, Sodom and Gomorrah, ancient Greece, and the Roman Empire, history also attests to the fact that none of these civilizations survived. Furthermore, in each instance, the fall of the civilization came on the heels of flourishing homosexuality.


Now that we’ve cast the pebble of same-sex marriage into the pond, the ripples in our society will never stop. Marriage will be perpetually subject to redefinition in order to accommodate all sexual preferences and perversions. Having set a legal precedent, our courts will be obligated by stare decisis to allow two marriages for bisexuals, multiple marriages for polygamists, and even the marrying of consenting minors to adult pedophiles. In the end, all sexual relationships will be deemed marriageable and any dissent will be denounced as discriminatory.


Stretching the legal definition of marriage to encompass same-sex marriage on the false premise of anti-discrimination will inevitably lead to redefining marriage to the lowest common denominator. Marriage will be defined down by our courts until it is all-inclusive, nondescript, offensive to no one and agreeable to everyone. In other words, marriage will be reduced to meaninglessness and our society to madness.