September 19, 2017 @ 10:30 AM

Here's a disconcerting but undeniable fact in today's America. Any astute American; granted, they're becoming as rare as chicken's teeth, knows that Democrats turned our judiciary into the ruling arm of our federal government years ago. Due to their inability to pass their liberal agenda legislatively, Democrats turned to the courts to force upon us their socialist ideology by court order. Such a dastardly undermining of our representative republic was foreseen by Thomas Jefferson, who warned that the judicial branch of our government could one day become a despotic oligarchy, overriding the other coequal branches of government, as well as the will of the American people.
As the linked article above shows, we've come to the place in America where the executive and legislative branches of our government can be overruled by the judicial branch. In addition, all it takes to nullify the will and votes of the American electorate is one lone gavel wielding judge. Truly, we find ourselves in today's America under the despotism of a judicial oligarchy, which imposes its will upon us under the guise of constitutional law.
What is the only solution to an out of control judiciary? It is defiance of our courts. Our courts cannot enforce their judicial dictates upon us, but must rely upon our voluntary submission, as well as the executive branch's coercive powers to suppress any and all dissenters. What happens if we refuse to submit to judicial tyranny and our executive branch refuses to enforce it? Our courts are stripped of their dictatorial power and rendered powerless.
Unfortunately, in today's America, neither the president, the congress, or the American electorate has the will to defy our judicial despots, who, along with their Democratic cohorts, have successfully deceived us, their docile chattel, into believing that insubordination to their judicial dictates is tantamount to anarchy. Consequently, America has ceased to be a nation ruled by laws and has become a nation kowtowing to its ruling lawyers, who've turned their gavels into scepters and their bench into a throne.