November 17, 2017 @ 7:30 AM

Whether you love him or hate him, one thing you have to admit is Judge Roy Moore is a lightning rod. Moore, as he recently quipped, is one of the few people in America who can unite Democrats and Republicans. Like Herod and Pilate, antagonists who got together against Christ for threatening their political power, Democrats and Republicans are getting together against Judge Roy Moore for threatening their political power. Moore is being readily and roundly condemned on both sides of the political aisle in an attempt to distract the public’s attention from his exposure of the hypocrisy and ulterior motives of modern-day politicians.
I am in no way defending Judge Moore against any sexual misconduct he is alleged to have committed forty years ago toward women in their fifties who say it happened back when they were teens. At the same time, however, I’m not being distracted from the salient point here, which is the obvious intent of the suspiciously timed publication of these previously unheard of charges by the Washington Post, one of America’s most liberal newspapers. Neither should you be distracted, though I fear the blackening of Moore’s reputation, whether justified or not, will prove to be a successful diversion of the public’s attention from Moore’s exposure of our present-day black-hearted politicians.
To begin to understand contemporary politicians’ contempt of Judge Roy Moore, we must go back a few years. In 2003, Judge Roy Moore was removed from his position as the Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court. The reason for his ouster was his defiance of a ruling by a lone lower court judge. The lower court judge, Myron Thompson, ordered Alabama’s Chief Justice to remove a Ten Commandments monument from the Alabama Judicial Building. Moore refused to do so on the basis that Thompson’s ruling lacked legal foundation and contradicted the constitution of the state of Alabama. According to Judge Moore, a government that is based on its acknowledgement of God not only has the right, but the obligation to acknowledge God; and any court that attempts to forbid government officials from doing so has neither the authority nor the constitutional prerogative to step so far out of bounds.
Interestingly, the United States Supreme Court refused to hear the appeal of Judge Roy Moore’s case, a case that not only attracted national attention, but also divided the nation. Eight days after refusing to hear Moore’s case, the US Supreme Court did agree to hear two other Ten Commandments cases, one brought by a homeless man who claimed to be offended every time he passed a granite monument of the Ten Commandments on his way to the public library. Why would the Supreme Court agree to hear these other cases, but refuse to hear Judge Moore’s, a case of national interest, not to mention national repercussions? Could it be that these other cases, unlike Judge Moore’s, which asserted the government’s right and obligation to acknowledge God, were being defended on the basis that the Ten Commandments displays in question were merely historical or secular?
For years now our courts have ruled that it is unlawful for our government to acknowledge God. This, in spite of the fact that our Founding Fathers actually founded our government upon its acknowledgement of God. According to our country’s birth certificate—The Declaration of Independence—our unalienable rights are endowed to us by our Creator, and their protection and preservation is the sole purpose of government. Despite the indefensibility of such an absurdity—a government founded upon its acknowledgement of God being forbidden by its courts from doing so—our courts have preserved an appearance of decorum by ducking behind the argument that acknowledgments of God are permissible as long as they are not religious, but historical and secular. By setting up this arbitrary “Lemon Test” for the judging of religious displays on government grounds our courts have provided cover for themselves that enable them to conceal from public scrutiny their utter contempt of the Christian faith, upon which our nation was founded.
What would have happened if the Supreme Court had agreed to hear the appeal of Judge Roy Moore’s case. Our Supreme Court Justices would have had nothing to hide behind. They would have been forced to fly their true colors. They would have found themselves in the untenable position of either overturning themselves or declaring every government acknowledgement of God unconstitutional, from the Declaration of Independence to the Supreme Court’s own opening: “God save the United States and this honorable court.”
According to the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, the reason behind the Supreme Court’s cherry-picking of Ten Commandments cases and inconsistency in deciding them—there were eight opinions from nine justices in the two Ten Commandments cases the Court agreed to hear after refusing to hear Judge Moore’s case—is the Court’s “instinct for self-preservation.” Recognizing that it “has no influence over either the sword [executive branch] or the purse [legislative branch],” Scalia argued that the Supreme Court “cannot go too far” in contradicting “both historical fact and current practice without losing all that sustains it: the willingness of the people to accept its interpretation of the Constitution as definitive.”
Undoubtedly, the Supreme Court would have lost the public’s trust if it had heard Judge Roy Moore’s case and been forced to brazenly come out and rule that the Founding Fathers were in violation of separation of church and state, that the Declaration of Independence is unconstitutional, and that all references to God must be sandblasted from all government buildings and monuments. Like the Sanhedrin, the Jewish Supreme Court of Jesus’ day, America’s present-day Supreme Court Justices carefully conceal their hostility toward Christ and all things Christian in order to protect their place and fool the public into standing and submitting every time the Court’s gavel is heard (John 11:47-53). 
As he threatened to uncloak our judiciary branch of government and expose its utter contempt of the Christian Faith in 2003, Judge Roy Moore is now threatening to do the same thing to our legislative branch of government. If elected to the United States Senate, Moore's uncompromising Christian stands will expose the hypocrisy and ulterior motives of his colleagues in Congress, both in the Senate and in the House of Representatives. Pretend professors of the Christian Faith, with which the halls of Congress are inundated, will no longer be able to hide their hypocrisy, but forced to practice what they falsely profess. Such a scenario is insufferable to the spiritual fifth columnists occupying our nation’s capital today, antichrists camouflaged as Christians in order to secure the political support of snookered evangelicals.
Much to the chagrin, as well as consternation and exasperation of my fellow-evangelicals, I’ve been writing for years about the utter contempt contemporary politicians hold toward all genuine Christians. Now, I’m not talking about “make believers,” like the majority of those who makeup Washington DC, but about true believers, the bonafide believer who is easily distinguished from the bogus by his determination to faithfully stand for Christ, regardless of cost and consequence to himself. No one is more distressing to or more disdained by present-day politicians than a real disciple of Jesus Christ, whose sincere faith serves as a shining spotlight on their spurious faith.
When it comes to the contempt of the historic and orthodox Christian Faith held by the vast majority of modern-day politicians, it is found in no lesser degree on either side of the political aisle. The only discernible difference between today’s two political parties in regard to their hostility toward the true Church of Jesus Christ is that one, the Democratic Party, is upfront about it, while the other, the Republican Party, is underhanded about it. Whereas Democrats openly campaign against the church in order to solicit the political support of an openly antichrist constituency, Republicans, who are really just as much a foe of the church as Democrats, pretend to be the church’s friend in hopes of using (raping) the Bride of Christ for their own political ends. While it may be manifest in one and masked by the other, the antichrist sentiment is still just as strong in both political parties.
As all good Americans know, the accused in America are supposed to be considered innocent until proven guilty. Why, then, is Judge Roy Moore being roundly condemned as guilty by both Democrats and Republicans before the submission of one scintilla of collaborating evidence to prove him guilty of the suspiciously timed and previously unheard of accusations now being leveled against him by women who contend he behaved in a sexually inappropriate manner toward them over forty years ago? Furthermore, why have Democrats and Republicans already united in calling for Judge Moore’s immediate expulsion from the Senate if elected by the people of Alabama? At the same time, why is the Senate eerily silent about one of its own, Senator Bob Menendex, who is currently on trial in New Jersey for multiple charges of bribery, fraud, and corruption? Menendex is not only still a sitting Senator, but his colleagues are willing to withhold their judgement on him and calls for his expulsion from the Senate until the jury in his trial hands down a verdict. How do you explain such a glaring double-standard as the one between the United States Senate’s treatment of a senatorial candidate, Judge Roy Moore, and a sitting Senator, Bob Menendex?
The answer to the above question is obvious. Judge Roy Moore is perceived as a very real threat to the cover of the feigned faith of contemporary politicians. If elected, his refusal to compromise his faith in Washington DC will uncloak the sheer hypocrisy of both Republicans and Democrats who confess Christ with their lips, but have hearts that are far from Him. Such a light cannot be tolerated for an instant in the darkness of DC, lest its evil deeds be exposed and its true antichrist spirit exhibited.
If you really want to know what your government thinks of genuine Christians, look at its current treatment of Judge Roy Moore. Whether you believe Moore to be a genuine Christian or not is beside the point, he is perceived as one by present-day politicians. Therefore, he is intolerable and must be eliminated, lest he expose the spirit of antichrist that pervades America’s present-day government.