October 5, 2017 @ 8:30 AM

Contrary to popular opinion, the two things that shape all human government are religion and economics. Democratic governments acknowledge or at least allow their citizenry to acknowledge God. Communist governments are atheistic and restrict or deny religious freedom to their citizenry. Capitalism is based on the free market, governments allowing privately owned property and businesses. Socialism is based on statism, government ownership and control of all property and businesses. In light of the above, who can deny that the chief factors in determining the nature of any government are religion and economics?
It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that the whole world is currently slipping and sliding into socialism. Whereas communism can be forced upon a people overnight by a dictatorial government, socialism is normally succumbed to incrementally. People, due to increasing crises, increasingly turn to government, which inevitably increases government dependency. In time, the citizenry becomes totally dependent upon government and the government gains total control over the citizenry.
One of the greatest phenomenons in our present-day world is America's soaring stock market. It continues to soar into the economic stratosphere on the wings of paper money airplanes. There is nothing beneath it and nothing to it, apart from Wall Street's insatiable greed and avarice. Our country is bankrupt, running on hot checks with an unpayable and inestimable national debt of more than $20 trillion. Still, our stock market soars almost daily to a new record breaking height. In response to this inexplicable phenomenon some are going so far as to smugly predict a future Dow Jones Industrial Average of more than a million points.
There is growing suspicion that the shakiness of the European Market, not the strength of American stocks, is what's enticing many investors to invest in the U.S. Stock Market. With the European Union already gutted by Brexit, its future is suddenly looking even bleaker with Catalonia's call for independence from Spain, which would certainly spell disaster for the Spanish economy.
Western Civilization is suddenly finding itself with only one remaining basket to put its financial eggs in—the U.S. Stock Exchange. It's not that our market is by any means solvent, but that investors have no where else to go. One cannot help but wonder about the looming worldwide financial crisis soon to occur when the paper money airplanes of the soaring U.S. Stock Exchange finally make their inevitable crash landing. Surely, such a crisis will result in the impoverished masses rushing into the arms of totalitarian government, setting the scene for the Biblically predicted end-time scenario.