March 16, 2023 @ 8:30 AM

Democrats have turned themselves into the party of virtue by redefining vice as virtue and virtue as vice. They've stood morality on its head, so that we'll look at it upside down and see them as right side up. Nowhere is this better illustrated than in their telling of "noble lies," by which they dignify deception and turn it into the only decent thing to do. We all remember Anthony Fauci's justification for his prevarications during the COVID-19 pandemic. He was lionhearted in his lying to us, since he did it for the greater good; namely, to bamboozle us into doing what was best for us. Of course, what was best for us was decided by Fauci, who also decided we couldn't be trusted with the truth, least we disagree with what he alone knew to be best. Somehow it both eluded and escaped our consciousness that this little medical doctor had become a lying medical dictator, in order to manipulate us as his means of gaining mastery over us.


Climate change is perhaps the number-one noble lie of today's noble liars. For instance, Greta Thunberg, the autistic teen who progressives penned up as Climate Change's poster child, has just deleted a 2018 tweet, for obvious reasons, that predicted the extinction of the human race by the year 2023. We can all look back with a chuckle at former Vice President Al Gore's 2006 film, An Inconvenient Truth, which predicted our planet would be a smoldering ember by now and all of us little charcoaled briquets. Yet, climate change alarmism, like Thunberg and Gore, remain undaunted, neither discredited nor denounced for their scare tactics, since they were simply noble lies told for a noble purpose; namely, to scare us into turning control of our lives over to our government, which alone can save our planet from gas stoves and cow flagellation.


As hard as Democrats have tried to usurp dictatorial control over our lives by telling us noble lies about climate change and during the COVID-19 pandemic, Democrat Senator Mark Kelly has just proposed a noble lie over something that history has proven to be a sure means of bringing a people under subjection to an iron fisted dictatorshipFINANCES. With three significant banks failing in the last few days and signs that a domino effect may be looming, thanks to the increasing volatility in our banking system, Kelly has asked if information about bank failings can be censored from the American people. Now, before you condemn the good senator for proposing that government keep you in the dark about the possible loss of your life savings, consider the noble senator's noble intent. Kelly only proposes such a thing to prevent our populace from being so frightened by the facts that there will be a run on our banks. Once again, noble Democrats propose pulling the wool over your eyes for your own good, least the truth persuade you to do something other than what they alone know to be best.