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You’ve undoubtedly heard about the conservative Heritage Foundation’s Project 2025. According to Democrats, it would, if ever implemented, spell the doom of democracy by transforming our presidency into a dictatorship. This typical fearmongering by liberal Democrats to frighten voters to the polls to punch their ballots for them, in order to prevent a putsch by conservative Republicans, has become progressives’ standard election strategy, since their only hope of winning at the polls is to petrify the electorate.


Donald Trump, in conformity to what has become customary Republican cowardice, is cowering from what Democrats are condemning, lest his refusal to distance himself from it should prove detrimental to him politically. Trump has publicly disavowed Project 2025 and denounced parts of it as “absolutely ridiculous and abysmal.” However, he didn’t bother to pinpoint what parts he finds ridiculous and what parts he finds abysmal. I for one, would really like to know.


Is it restoring the family as the center piece of American life? Is it rejecting abortion as healthcare, in defense not only of the unborn child’s right to life, but also of the scientific fact that life begins at conception? Is it eliminating lawfare against Christians for refusing to compromise their Biblical beliefs and sincere convictions to accommodate militant homosexuals and the transgendered? Is it outlawing pornography. Is it ending DEI, diversity, equity, and inclusion programs? Is it ending affirmative action, as reverse discrimination? Is it closing the border? Is it deporting illegal immigrants? Is it ending the Green New Deal and becoming energy independent? Is it cutting taxes, government spending, and the national debt? Is it ending economic engagement with China? Is it gutting the Deep State by eliminating government agencies, as well as unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats, who wield unconstitutional power over our country and its citizenry? Yes, I’d really like to know which of these Donald Trump finds absolutely ridiculous and which of these he finds abysmal, especially since I find them all completely commendable.


Along with denouncing and distancing himself from the Heritage Foundation’s 2025 Project, for political expediency’s sake, Donald Trump has also steamrolled social conservatives and pro-life advocates on this year’s Republican Platform Committee. What RINOs in the Party have attempted to do for years, Trump has now pulled off. He has successfully removed from the Party’s platform its plank calling for national legislation to protect unborn children’s constitutional right to life. This decision was neither discussed nor debated, but dictated to all Platform Committee members. While the new Party platform does promise to “oppose late-term abortions,” it leaves abortion up to the states, which may permit it up to the point of birth. Of course, the obvious reason for this cowardly compromise is that Donald Trump now sees the pro-life cause as more of a political liability than a political advantage, especially since abortion has now become the big drum that Democrats beat incessantly in the ears of calloused baby-killing ballot casters. 


I know, as always, all of this will be whitewashed by conservatives, as well as many Christians, as necessary evils to win elections. While compromise may be excused by politicians for political expediency’s sake, it should be inexcusable to every Christian for Christ’s sake. The idea that one must compromise the truth to win elections, in order to change the world, is not just refuted by our own political history, but also by our Lord Himself. First, as it should be abundantly clear by now to every conservative and Christian in America, all of our past compromising of the truth to win elections has neither stopped nor slowed our country from going to hell in a hand basket. Second, as our Lord proved at the end of His life by losing an election by a landslide to a common criminal named Barabbas, the only way to really change the world is to refuse to compromise the truth, even if it means losing an election.