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While the Biden Administration continues to wave olive branches at the mad mullahs of Iran, the mad mullahs have been busy shortening the runway to an Iranian nuclear bomb. While the cluelessness of our government is incontrovertible, nowhere is it more manifested than when it comes to our government's pussyfooting around with the mad mullahs of Iran. Not only have we enriched Iran, the number one state sponsor of terrorism in the world, but we have also repeatedly attempted to appease Iran, while it militantly launched hundreds of missiles and drones at Israel, as well as at our own military, through its multiple terrorist proxies. As a result, the mad mullahs have not only been emboldened by our mollycoddling, but have also sped up their mad dash toward a nuclear weapon, which they feel religiously obligated to use once obtained.

The Iranians are Shiite Muslims, who have long awaited the coming of the “12th Imam”; that is, the “Mahdi” or Muslim Messiah. They believe that when he comes he will lead Muslims to conquer the world. Furthermore, they believe that the time of his coming is now imminent, only awaiting the removal of the final obstacles to his coming, the biggest of which is the nation of Israel. This explains why Iran's mad mullahs have publicly vowed to “wipe Israel off of the map” as soon as they get their hands on a nuclear weapon.
Our government has obviously forgotten that it was Shiite Muslims, like the Iranians, who gave our world its suicide bombers. Iran’s late Ayatollah Khomeini taught his countrymen that "the purest joy in Islam is to kill and to be killed for Allah." According to the late Ayatollah Kkomeini, suicide bombing is the swiftest and surest way for a Muslim to gain entrance into everlasting paradise. It was Islam's founder, the Prophet Mohammed, who taught that all jihad (holy war) martyrs instantly entered at the instant of their death the Martyr’s House, which the prophet promised to be the best house in all of paradise. According to Mohammed, the Martyr's House is made of palaces of pearl and mansions of crystal, sapphire and diamonds. In each mansion there are 70 houses. In each house there are 70 rooms. In each room there is a table with 70 different kinds of food and a bed with 70 sheets of different colors. And on each sheet is a virgin waiting to have sex with the jihad martyr forever.
A few years ago, a former president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, publicly proclaimed that Iran would wipe Israel off the map the moment it acquired a nuclear weapon. When a reporter asked President Ahmadinejad whether or not he understood that a nuclear strike against Israel would result in a retaliatory strike against Iran, ole "Mad Hatter" Mahmoud responded: "What do we care? We'll be in paradise and they'll be in hell." Obviously, Ahmadinejad, or as I preferred to call him, "I'm A Nut Job," believed, like many present-day Iranians, that nuclear war is the ultimate suicide bombing and a swift and sure passage into paradise for the Iranian people.
Do you remember our policy of deterrence in the "good old days" of the Cold War? It was called MAD—Mutual Assured Destruction. We knew, as did the Soviets, that a nuclear strike by either of us would result in the nuclear annihilation of both of us. Thus, we stood toe to toe all of those years without our world ever being enveloped in a giant mushroom cloud. The Soviets might have been our enemies, but at least they were sane. Well, the mad mullahs of Iran, on the other hand, are crazy. If these nuts ever get their hands on a nuke, they'll use it, believing that their religion requires it and that their eternal reward is reliant upon it.