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Democrats' insanity always shows its sleight of hand over time, proving there is method to their madness. For instance, Joe Biden recently let the cat out of the bag when it comes to Democrats' crazy open border policy, explaining that his political party was no longer too concerned about losing white blue collar workers, since America was quickly becoming “a minority-white-European country.” Democrats have opened our border to expand their base, to assure them of perpetual power, and to transform our country into a Third World banana republic, with them at the helm and us serving as mere galley slaves on their new foreign crewed ship of state. It is not just the stealing of our country that Democrats are concealing with their craziness, but also the stealing of our children. They know, as Adolf Hitler did, that "he who owns the youth, gains the future." This is why Hillary Clinton said it takes a village to raise a child. It's why Joe Biden has said that America's children belong to us all, not just to their parents. It's why our public schools have been transformed into indoctrination centers, where our children are no longer educated, but indoctrinated. And, unbeknownst to most Americans, it's also the method behind the madness of Democrat's insane transgender ideology, the preposterous proposition that even preschoolers can change their personal pronouns by becoming aware of the fact that they were mistakenly clothed in the wrong body by their Creator in their mother's womb. Consider for instance this insidious maneuver by the Biden Administration to take children away from their parents and to destroy every Christian home in America. Although it has long proposed taking transgendered children away from non-affirming parents, the Biden White House has finally got the ball rolling. It has proposed new rules for foster care, which allege that anyone rejecting the LGBTQ+ or "Alphabet Mafia's" radical agenda is a child abuser, who is not fit to be a foster parent. If you think Democrats will limit this to foster parents and not eventually expand it to all parents, then, you'll probably one of those foolish folks who once believed Democrats' disingenuous guarantee that abortions would be safe and rare. Don't kid yourself, if Democrats condemn everyone who believes in border security as xenophobes, everyone opposed to Critical Race Theory being taught to their children in public schools as white supremacists, everyone opposed to abortion on demand as misogynists, then, they will not hesitate to condemn every non-affirming parent of a confused transgendered child as a child abuser. They're coming for your kids, as liberals have been declaring for decades, from the Flower Children of the Sixties to today's LGBTQ+ community, which riotously rants, "We're here, we're queer, and we're coming for your children."