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Let's take a peek at a pair of our president's phantasms. A phantasm is a figment of the imagination or an illusion. Our government not only lies to us insidiously, but incessantly insults our intelligence, believing us stupid enough to be snookered by its every subterfuge.


First, Joe Biden continuously brags about the millions of jobs he has created in America. However, the vast majority of them were not created by him, but were simply existing jobs that Americans were allowed to return to after the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead of taking credit for creating these jobs, the Biden Administration should be held accountable for unconstitutionally shutting down our workplaces and putting us all under house arrest. Furthermore, what new jobs have been created during the Biden Administration have gone, for the most part, to immigrants, both legal and illegal, not to United States citizens. 


Second, Biden's Bidenomics is touted by his administration as a brilliant success on the basis of consumer spending. After all, Biden argues, how can his economic policies be disastrous and our economy in the doldrums if our consumer spending has not nosedived. However, just below the surface of our current consumer spending statistics are some frightening facts and figures. For instance, credit card debt, along with maxed out balances and credit card debt defaults, are at a all-time record high. In other words, under Bidenomics Americans' needs and greeds are being purchased more and more with plastic, which is not only sinking consumers into unpayable debt, but our country as well.  


Truly, the phantasms of our president, or of his handlers, who are hidden behind the curtain of his presidency, are being propagated to our populace under the belief that we are brainless enough to believe them all. Time, which our country is rapidly running out of, will soon tell if they are right.