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Big Brother's Big Bank Grab


I'm continuously grieved, I might even add miffed, by the American people's ignorance over what's happening to our country right under our noses. Most Americans are both indifferent and disinterested; and when it comes to the few who are paying attention, most of them are oblivious to the dire and desperate straits our country is currently in. Now, I know most Americans would rather have bamboo shoots stuck under their fingernails and them lit on fire than to watch the Senate's Finance Committee question our Treasury Secretary, Janet Yellen, who is about as exciting as a yawn in a sleep apnea center. Still, this little video of Oklahoma Senator James Lankford questioning Secretary Yellen yesterday should scare every American spitless. Yellen definitely lets the cat out of the bag, and by doing so shows us all how close we are to a nationalized banking system, which will empower our federal government to usurp dictatorial control over our lives. As F. A. Hayek, the author of the classic book, The Road To Serfdom, warned: "Economic control…is the control of the means for all our ends." Hayek added, that once government gains such control, it alone will "determine which ends are to be served.” Although several of Lanford's questions and Yellen's answers are disconcerting, such as Yellen's admission that rural banks all across America will pay increased assessments, which they will pass on to their customers, in order to make wealthy communist Chinese investors whole, after the collapse of the woke Silicon Valley Bank, Yellen's admission that large depositors are fleeing small banks for large government preferred ones, in order to have all their deposits insured, is most disconcerting of all. It is first of all an ominous warning that all rural and independent banks may soon disappear. Second, it is also an ominous warning that all Americans may soon have no other alternative but to put their money in large government preferred banks, which will demand that all of their depositors unquestionably obey all the mandates of their government insurer.