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Garage-Gate (Part 2)


The desk sign of President Truman—The Buck Stops Here—is nowhere to be found on the desk of President Biden, who continuously passes the buck and blames everyone but himself for everything that goes wrong. True to form, Biden is passing the buck and blaming his classified document scandal on former assistants who served him as Vice President. According to Joe, these former assistants must have inadvertently packed up classified documents from his office as Vice President and mistakenly put them in his office at the Penn Biden Center and in the library and garage of his Delaware home. 


One of Biden's former assistants, who helped pack up his vice presidential office, Kathy Chung, who actually served as his executive assistant, has lamented, after being interviewed about the document scandal, that she might be responsible for the mishandling of the documents. Now, one might be tempted to think that Chung's admission exonerates Biden and clears up the whole thing. However, upon closer scrutiny, Chung's possible involvement is found to further muddy the water and raise more suspicions.


To begin with, Chung is a Chinese surname, but good luck at finding out if Kathy Chung is a Chinese national. Second, in spite of the possibility of her being presented as Biden's scapegoat in his Garage-Gate scandal, no photos of Chung are being published in printed stories, such as those in the U.K, the Daily Mail, or Fox News. Since she is presently serving as the Deputy Director of Protocol for Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, one would think photos of Chung are readily available. Now, to all of this ambiguity can be added far more disconcerting things. For instance, Chung was actually recommended for her job with Joe Biden by Joe's son Hunter Biden, with whom Chung already had a relationship, something proven by emails between the two on Hunter's infamous laptop. 


While serving as Vice President Joe Biden's executive assistant, Kathy Chung emailed phone numbers of the Clintons, United States Senators, and most of Obama's Cabinet to Hunter Biden at his firm, Rosemont Seneca Partners, which was conducting business with China. Remember, Hunter not only accompanied his father to China on Air Force 2, but afterward received over 4 million dollars from China for entities he controlled. In addition to this, in 2015, Chung sent Hunter and other members of the Biden family invitations to a State Department luncheon honoring Chinese President Xi Jinping. Finally, after Joe Biden left the Vice Presidency, Hunter, who had continuously communicated with Chung during her days as his dad's executive assistant, offered her a job, promising he could make her, as well as others, lots of money.


Although little is known of the classified documents found at the Penn Biden Center and the Biden's Delaware home, we do know that some of them involved China. We also know that China gave millions of dollars to the University of Pennsylvania, which in turn paid Joe Biden an annual million dollar salary for a professorship that involved teaching no classes, as well as almost a million dollars for the mere use of his name at the Penn Biden Center, where some of these classified documents were found in a closet. Interestingly, Chung emailed Hunter Biden about meetings between his father and University of Pennsylvania President Amy Gutmann, who President Biden has since appointed as U.S, Ambassador to Germany, in "hopes" that Hunter would attend and help setup the Penn Biden Center, where Hunter originally planned to have an office, along with some family members and business associates.


If none of the above raises an eyebrow, then, your eyes are shut tight. If you can't catch the whiff of something rotten in all of this, then, you've lost your sense of smell, at least when it comes to the odious odor of the Biden family's outrageous and ominous operations.