Tweeting Through John's Gospel


Introduction: The Gospel of John, the beloved disciple, is the great evangelical Gospel. It contains John's narrative of the life of Christ as the Son of God.


John 1:1-3, 14 — God’s creative Word became incarnate in the man Christ Jesus.


John 1:1-3, 14 — Everything God has ever said came alive in Jesus Christ.


John 1:1-3, 14 — Jesus Christ, who is the Living Word of God; that is, God’s Word come alive, has made every Bible a “Living Bible.”


John 1:1-3, 14 — God, the Creator, became a man, one of His creatures, in the man Christ Jesus.


John 1:1-3, 14 — The baby we read about at the beginning of the New Testament is the Creator we read about at the beginning of the Old Testament.


John 1:5 — All the darkness there is cannot extinguish the least little light and the least little light dispels darkness.


John 1:6-9 — Like the Baptist, both the Bible and the believer are forerunners of Christ, shining lights that point men to the true Light of whom they merely testify. (John 5:33-35)


John 1:9 — The life God lived as a man lights the way for all men to live both now and forever.


John 1:12 — To become a child of God one must believe in the name of the Son of God; that is, that the salvation of Jehovah is found in Jesus alone.


John 1:14-18 — Jesus Christ is God’s final Word.


John 1:14-18 — When God said, “Jesus,” He said it all. He has nothing else to say.


John 1:14-18 — God had to become a man not only to show man His glory, but also to communicate to man the truth about His grace.


John 1:18 — God became a man in the man Christ Jesus in order to reveal Himself to man.


John 1:18 — Jesus Christ came to live among us so that He might make God known to us.


John 2:23-25 — Christ’s commitment to us is not contingent upon our simple confession of Him, but upon our sincere commitment to Him.


John 3:16 — The greatest verse in the Bible tells the greatest love story ever told, how God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son so that whosoever believes in Him will not perish, but have everlasting life.


John 3:20 — Evildoers hate the light and refuse to come to the light, lest their evil deeds be exposed by the light.


John 3:34 — Isaiah predicted that the promised Messiah—Anointed One—would have the Spirit without measure. Since seven symbolizes completeness, Christ would completely possess the fullness of the Spirit—the seven spirits of God. (Isaiah. 11:2; Revelation 3:1)


John 3:26-30 — As with the Baptist, so also with the believer, we should rejoice when the world’s attention on us is decreasing and it’s attention on Christ is increasing.


John 3:35 — With the world in Jesus’ hand, there should be no worry in your heart.


John 3:35 — Since Jesus is over everything, you should never be under anything.


John 4:1-3 — Christ leaves the company of conceited Pharisees who keep score in their competition with perceived competitors by counting each others converts.


John 4:4-8 — Jesus not only traveled the dusty roads of ancient Palestine, but also from Heaven to earth and from eternity into time to meet a divine appointment with a sinful woman in a shunned place.


John 4:9-15 — Jesus impartially offers to all people a drink of the living water that forever satisfies a thirsty soul.


John 4:16-18 — Christ does not accept us because of who we are or what we have done, but in spite of it.


John 4:19-23 — It’s not where you worship that matters, but how you worship. God can be worshiped nowhere where the Holy Spirit is absent and the Holy Scripture is not adhered to.


John 4:24 To worship God in Spirit and truth is the Spirit-led worship of the One revealed to us by the truth of Scripture. It is not flesh-induced worship of an imaginary god conjured up in our own mind according to our own liking.


John 4:25-26 — Expectations of Christ are essential to encounters with Christ.


John 4:27Christ’s disciples often marvel over those who meet the Master.


John 4:28-30 — All who are confronted with the unconditional love of Christ are convinced to confess the Lordship of Christ in order to lead others to Christ.


John 4:30-34 — Like Christ, every Christian should also say, “I’d rather do the will of my Heavenly Father than to eat.”


John 4:35-39 — Christians should not see others through the eyes of prejudice as hated Samaritans, but see all people through the eyes of Christ as souls to harvest.


John 4:40-42 — It’s not enough to hear about Christ from others, you must hear Him for yourself and confess Him as the world’s only Savior if you want Him to abide with you.


John 4:43-44 — It’s hardest for a prophet’s hometown, those best acquainted with him, to actually see God’s hand upon him and to hear God speaking authoritatively through him.


John 4:45 — Christ is welcomed by those who wonder over His works.


John 4:46-54 — The moment Christ is taken at His Word His miracles materialize.


John 5:23 — To honor Jesus Christ—God the Son—is to honor God the Father.


John 5:23 — To dishonor Jesus Christ—God the Son—is to dishonor God the Father.


John 5:33-35 — Like the Baptist, both the Bible and the believer are forerunners of Christ, shining lights that point men to the true Light of whom they merely testify. (John 1:6-9)


John 5:39 — Christ is both the subject and sum of all of Scripture. 


John 5:39 — The Bible is a hologram, which when illuminated by God’s Spirit shows God’s Son, Jesus Christ, on every page.


John 5:39 — The purpose of Scripture—the written Word of God—is to get us to God’s Son—the living Word of Godso that we may have eternal life.


John 6:37 — The Savior is a hoarder of souls. He saves and keeps every soul His Father gives Him, and will never let one of them go.


John 6:68 — Apart from Christ there is nowhere else to go nor no one else to turn to for eternal life.


John 8:44 — Every lie gives birth to another bad seed of the father of lies.


John 8:44-45 — Truth tellers are always disbelieved and distrusted by the liar-loving children of the devil.


John 8:46 — Even Christ’s enemies found Him irreproachable.


John 10:1-5 — If Christ’s sheep know His voice and will not follow, but will flee from the voice of a stranger, then followers of false teachers cannot possibly be members of the flock of the Good Shepherd


John 10:30 — God the Father and God the Son are inseparable; not believing in one is to believe in neither.


John 11:11-14 — There are situations in life when we need our Savior to be plainspoken, soft-pedaling will prove inscrutable.


John 11:25-26 — Death for the Christian ain’t no big deal; in fact, the Christian’s death is referred to by Christ as quite inconsequential.


John 11:35 — The shortest verse in the Bible speaks volumes to us of the Savior's sympathy for human suffering.


John 11:41-42 — Prayers prayed “in Jesus name”—in His stead and by His authorized surrogates—as Christ Himself promised, can’t-miss, since the Father always attends to the prayers of His Son, even those prayed through His emissaries.


John 12:44 — To believe in Jesus Christ—God the Son—is to believe in God the Father.


John 13:20 — To receive Jesus Christ—God the Son—is to receive God the Father.


John 14:6 — Any supposed Christian who professes to believe in the possibility of other paths to God apart from Christ is a spiritual imposter and no Christian at all.


John 14:6 — No one believing that there are other paths to God apart from Christ knows the truth about the way to eternal life.


John 14:6 — No one believing that there are other ways to God apart from Christ is acquainted with God.


John 14:6 — Jesus Christ is not a truth, but the Truth!


John 14:6 — Jesus Christ is not one of many ways, but the only Way.


John 14:6 — Jesus Christ is not a life choice, but Life itself.


John 14:6 — Jesus Christ is more than a prophet pointing out the way; He is the Way.


John 14:6 — Jesus Christ is more than a teacher teaching the truth; He is the Truth.


John 14:6 — Jesus Christ is not a philosopher explaining life, but He is Life.


John 14:8-9 — All you have to do to see God is look at Jesus.


John 14:13 — “In Jesus name” is not a magical mantra to be tagged on to the end of our prayers, as though it obligates God to practice divine capitulation to all human solicitation. Instead, it simply means to pray under Christ’s authority, in His interest, and as His emissary.


John 14:14 — It’s actually possible to pray “in Jesus name” without even saying these words in the wrapping up of your prayer, just as it’s equally possible to wrap up heavenly unheeded prayers while shouting them.


John 14:16-20 — As the Father lived in this world through His Son, who lived His life in this world through His Father, who was living within Him, Christ lives His live in this world through Christians, who live their lives through Christ, who is living within them in the person of the Holy Spirit. 


John 14:21 — The true test of one’s testimony of love for Christ is one’s obedience to Christ’s commands. Many a modern-day churchgoer sings on Sunday, “Oh, how I love Jesus,” only to ignore throughout the rest of the week everything Jesus ever said.


John 14:29 — The purpose of prophecy, especially fulfilled prophecy, is to convince men to believe in Christ.


John 15:16 — Christians have not chosen Christ for themselves, but Christ has chosen them for Himself. Why we should choose Christ is understandable, but why He should choose us is unimaginable.


John 15:18-20 — Christians should neither expect to be loved nor popular in the same world that loathed and persecuted Christ. 


John 15:23 — To hate Jesus Christ—God the Son—is to hate God the Father.


John 16:7-11 — The Holy Spirit is in the world to convict us of sin and to convince us of our need to come to Christ to be made right with God, lest we be judged by God for rejecting His Son and refusing to repent of our sins.


John 16:7-11 — Without the Spirit’s conviction the sinner cannot be converted.


John 16:23 — To petition someone in another’s name means to do so under the authorization and in the stead of the one whose name we are using. Therefore, to petition the Father in the name of the Son means to pray at Christ’s behest, for His bidding, and as His ambassador! 


John 17:3 — To know God and to live forever one needs only to become acquainted with Jesus Christ.


John 17:3 — Neither acquaintance with God nor the acquiring of eternal life is possible until one has personally encountered and subsequently entered into a personally relationship with Jesus Christ.


John 17:9 — Although Christ loves the world and gave Himself as a propitiation for it, He does not waste His prayers on it, but prays only for those His Father has called out of it and given to Him from it.


John 19:4 — Even Pilate, who condemned Christ to the cross, found Him faultless.


John 19:38-42 — Covert disciples of Christ bury Jesus, but overt disciples of Christ proudly and publicly herald His resurrection!