Tweeting Through Job


Introduction: Believed by many to be the oldest book in the Bible, the book of Job tells the story of the incredible suffering and divine restoration of the ancient man Job. Much to our chagrin, it does not answer the age-old question, “Why the righteous suffer?” Instead, it teaches us to trust God in our infirmities, no matter how unjust and unexplainable they may appear to be.

Job 4:8-9 — The diabolical planter of evil reaps his own destruction. His obliteration is the culmination of God’s infuriation.


Job 23:8-10 — In the flames of feeling God-forsaken our faith in God is strengthened by being sorely tested and surely refined into finest gold.


Job 34:24 — God does not need an impeachment investigation to remove leaders from office and to replace them with others. 


Job 38:1-3 — Man up for a whirlwind encounter with omnipotence if you dare in your ignorant arrogance to arraign the Almighty over imagined injustices.


Job 38:4-7 — It was God who determined the earth’s dimensions and stretched the survey line around this celestial sphere.


Job 38:8-11 — It is God who confines the sea behind bars and bellows out to its mighty breakers, “Stop here!”


Job 38:12-15 — It is God who commands the dawn and orders the morning sun to illuminate the earth.


Job 38:16-18 — The extent of God’s sovereignty encompasses the depths of the sea, the gates of death, and the ends of the earth.


Job 38:19-21 — It is God alone who points out the path to light and prohibits darkness from overstepping its parameters.


Job 38:22-23 — It is God who storehouses the snow and hail until the divinely appointed times for them to providentially pelt the earth.


Job 38:24 — It is God alone who disperses light and demands the wind to blow. (Job 38:24)


Job 38:25-30 — It is God who determines if the land is to be made fruitful by rain and dew or flooded and frozen by cloudbursts and frost.


Job 38:31-33 — It is God who commands the stars, binding them with cords into clusters and coordinating the constellations of heaven with the seasons of the earth.


Job 38:34-35 — It is God who commands the clouds to rain and the lightning to strike.


Job 38:36 — It is God who gives intelligence to man’s mind and insight to man’s heart.


Job 38:37-38 — It is God who tallies the clouds and tilts them to pour water upon a parched earth.


Job 38:39-41 — It is God who provides prey for the lion and rations for the raven.


Job 39:1-4 — It is God who watches over the expectant doe and the birth and growth of her fawn.


Job 39:5-8 — It is God who grants the wild donkey the freedom of wide open spaces.


Job 39:9-12 — It is God alone who can harness the strength of fierce and untamed beasts in order to employ them in His service.


Job 39:13-18 — It is God who makes the ostrich both slow-witted and swift-footed.


Job 39:19-25 — It is God who crowns the mighty horse’s neck with a flowing mane and charges the soldier’s fearless stead furiously into battle.


Job 39:26 — It is God who endows the spread wings of the swift flying hawk with exceptional speed.


Job 39:27-30 — It is God who enables the eagle to soar to a perch on the highest crags from where he peers down on all his prey.


Job 40:1-4 — All who contend with God will be silenced when they encounter God and are called to account by God.


Job 40:5 — To speak a single word of complaint against the Almighty is to say too much.


Job 40:6-7 — Man up for a whirlwind encounter with omnipotence if you dare in your ignorant arrogance to arraign the Almighty over imagined injustices.


Job 40:8 — It is the height of folly for an unjust man to attempt to justify himself by challenging the justice of a just God, who alone is the Judge of all the earth.


Job 40:9 ⏤ It is the height of folly for the arm of flesh to arm wrestle with the strong arm of the Lord.


Job 40:9 ⏤ It is the height of folly for mealy-mouthed men to get in a shouting match with the thunderous voice of God.


Job 40:10 ⏤ It is the height of folly for the subjects of divine majesty to strut before Him who is donned in glorious splendor in the filthy rags of their own self-righteousness.


Job 40:11-13 ⏤ It is the height of folly for human arrogance to attempt to arraign the Almighty who is infuriated by the proud, inters them in the dust, and imprisons them in the grave.


Job 40:14 — It is the height of folly for men to contend with God, who is their only Savior, over their insistence upon salvation at their own hand.


Job 40:15-41:24 — Even the most formidable and fearsome of God’s creatures fear God and are fettered by His sovereignty.