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America Is the Mother of Harlots

In our last post, in this important series of posts, we explained, through painstaking Scriptural exegesis, that the book of Revelation’s “MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT” should be Scripturally understood to symbolically represent this fallen world’s final and consummate superpower. We further argued, that if we’re living at the end of time, a fact that I’m confidently convinced of by Scripture, then, there is only one nation on the face of the earth today that can possibly foot the bill for this Biblically predicted end-time role. It is our nation, America, which is not only the greatest power in the history of the world, but also the world’s only remaining superpower. 


In addition to the above, we also proved in our last post that the mysteriousness of “MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT” is another characteristic of it that is uniquely true of America. According to Revelation, this fallen world’s foremost and final world power will be a mystery hidden from preceding generations. There is simply no way its rise on the world stage could have been foreseen, since it was previously nonexistent. Truly, previous generations could not have possibly seen America’s rise to become our world’s present and phenomenal end-time superpower, since the American continent wasn’t even discovered until the fifteenth century, the American nation wasn’t founded until the eighteenth century, and America did not rise to world supremacy until the twentieth century? 


In today’s post, we’ll continue to lay out our airtight case with more incontrovertible evidence that America is the book of Revelation’s “MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT. We’ll endeavor to do so by beginning to thoroughly scrutinize “MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT’S” diabolical moniker—“THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.” Today, we’ll show you how America alone can don the scarlet and purple attire of “THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS,” then, in our next post, we’ll show you how America alone is also ‘THE MOTHER” of the “ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH. Now, let’s get started today by proving to you that Lady Liberty is no longer a lady, but “THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS.”


Throughout Scripture, God-fearing nations that betrayed God by becoming God-forsaking and God-forsaken are condemned for having committed the heinous crime of spiritual harlotry. They are portrayed as having played the harlot, as well as having perpetrated the sin of spiritual whoredom. For instance, Israel was often portrayed by the prophets as an unfaithful harlot who had broken their covenant with their faithful God (Isaiah 1:21; 57:3; Jeremiah 2:20; Ezekiel 16:15, 25). Indeed, an entire book of the Old Testament, the book of Hosea, is written under divine inspiration with this distinct and indicting theme. 


In light of the above, we are confidently convinced by Scripture that “MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT,” which bears the dubious distinction of being “THE MOTHER OF [ALL] HARLOTS,” will not just be the greatest power in the history of the world, as well as the world’s end-time superpower, but also, in the eyes of God, the greatest spiritual harlot in all of human history. Her whoredom will be unprecedented, being the most egregious betrayal of God ever perpetrated on this fallen planet. Now, who does the scarlet and purple attire of Revelation’s great whore, the greatest spiritual harlot in human history, perfectly fit in our world today? Is it not America, which has gone from being the greatest Christian nation in the history of the world, to becoming an antichrist nation hellbent on stamping out Christianity in its midst.


That America was once a Christian nation is indisputable. However, contrary to popular belief, we were not a Christian nation because our Founding Fathers were Christians who founded our nation on the Christian Faith. Far from being Christians, most of our Founding Fathers were deists, who denied divine revelation and deified human reason. Many of them denied the divine inspiration of Scripture, as well as the deity of Jesus Christ. In fact, Thomas Jefferson wrote his own New Testament, editing out of it all of the miraculous, including the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and only including within it certain teachings of Christ, which Jefferson himself personally agreed with and deemed beneficial.


What made America a Christian nation was not, as so many erroneously believe, what our Founding Fathers did through our founding documents. Instead, it was what God did through two Great Awakenings! These phenomenal moves of the Spirit of God not only swept thousands into the kingdom of God, but eventually resulted in our country being predominately populated by Christians. Consequently, our elected officials had to be Christians, or at least pretend to be, if they hoped to be elected to pubic service and have the public’s trust while serving. Unbeknownst to most Americans today, many an elected official in our country’s history, even many of our most famous political figures, professed the Christian Faith, but never actually possessed it, nor ever even cared to do so. Instead, they saw a feigned Christian profession as a necessity to their political ambitions and as a mere means to accomplishing their political ends. If they aspired to political office, they simply had no other choice but to give the public impression, in both their public lives and political policies, that they were, just like the majority of their constituents, a Bible-believing Christian.


As proof of this politically repugnant religious pudding, permit me to serve up an excellent example. In a letter to Ezra Stiles, the President of Yale College, Benjamin Franklin answers Stiles’ questions about his personal religious beliefs. Franklin, having been put on the spot by Stiles, plainly admits his doubts about Christ’s divinity. However, he adds afterward that he is counting on Stiles to keep their private correspondence confidential, lest he be exposed to public criticism and censor by Stiles’ publishing of his private letter and personal religious beliefs. According to Franklin, he had been able to keep himself in the good graces of those whose religious beliefs he personally found unsupportable and even absurd, and he would like to continue to do so until his death. Franklin, like countless other politicians throughout American history, did what had to be done in a Christian America, he feigned sympathy with a faith that he personally found unsupportable, in order to stay in the public’s favor. 


In a 2007 interview on CBS News, President Barack Obama proudly announced that America is no longer a Christian nation. Two years later, at a press conference in Turkey, he bragged about how America is no longer even considered a Christian nation by the American people. Notice, Mr. Obama was not sad, but glad. He was not bemoaning the fact that we are no longer a Christian nation, but bragging about it. Furthermore, he felt that our nation turning its back on Christ would not be seen as condemnable in today’s world, but as commendable.


It is truly a tragedy of tragedies that America is, as Barack Obama boasted, no longer a Christian nation. Indeed, we have become an antichrist nation that appears hellbent on stamping out the Christian Faith in our midst. Today, both Biblical faith and Christian convictions, which are proven by a politician’s personal life and public policies, are more of a death knell to a political career than a launching pad, since the historic and orthodox Christian Faith is now roundly and readily condemned in today’s America as intolerance. 


That I’m not exaggerating America’s spiritual harlotry in the least is easily proven. Take for example, the Equality Act, which was recently passed by our House of Representatives. This anti-Christian legislation will, if signed into law by our president, effectively outlaw all Biblical beliefs and Christian convictions in America that are deemed discriminatory toward America’s LGBT community. If signed by President Biden into law, America’s Bible believing Christians will be stripped of their religious liberty and coerced, under threat of civil litigation or criminal prosecution, into compromising their beliefs in order to conform to those of militant homosexuals. Now, in spite of his campaign promise to sign this anti-Christian legislation into law, Joe Biden was still elected president of the United Sates of America, which proves, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the majority of present-day Americans couldn’t care less about whether or not their president is a Christian. Indeed, it proves they have neither qualms nor scruples about electing a president who has publicly avowed his antagonism toward Bible-believing Christianity!


The greatest Christian nation in the history of the world has betrayed Christ, who blessed and made her great, and become an antichrist nation, increasingly populated by Christian antagonists. We’ve ceased to be that city on a hill, which sent the light of the Gospel to the ends of the earth, even to earth’s remotest and darkest places, and become instead the greatest spiritual whore in the history of the world. Truly, America is the “MOTHER OF [ALL] HARLOTS!”

Don Walton