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He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High… (Psalm 91:1a)

Notice, the phenomenal promises of this psalm are to those who “dwell,” not dawdle or drop in and out of “the secret place of the Most High.” In other words, the promises of this psalm are only possessed by those who live their lives in around-the-clock communion with God.  


A secret place, as Scripture teaches us, is a safe place, where one seeks shelter from his enemy (1 Samuel 19:2). When it comes to “the secret place of the Most High,” we’re not just talking about a safe place, but also a most sacred place, where we are not only sheltered by God’s hand, but given solid footing and glimpses of God’s glory (Exodus 33:21-22). 


Still, it is only God’s interminable intimates who are invulnerable to intimidation in times of terrifying tribulation. Therefore, the closer you are to God and the more constant your communion with Him, the calmer you’ll be in every crisis.

Don Walton