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The church is not a theater or a theme park. It does not exist for our entertainment or enjoyment. Its purpose is to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ.1 It is in the world to make disciples of Christ. It fulfills its divine mandate by evangelizing the sinner and edifying the saint. The key to its success is the Scripture. To win converts to Christ, the Bible must be preached to sinners. To make disciples of Christ, the Bible must be taught to the saints.

Only by being Bible-centered can the church effectively exalt Christ so that He might draw all men unto Himself.2 If anything else becomes the center of the church’s focus, the church becomes ineffectual in the performance of its purpose. It becomes unequipped and unequal to its task.
Bible-centered churches are becoming somewhat of an anomaly in these Bible-spurning days. The Bible is becoming increasingly unpopular among our world’s ever-growing politically correct populace. As a result, the Bible is being removed from the pulpit and relegated to the back pew of many a contemporary church. Opting for bigger crowds and bulging coffers over faithfulness to Christ’s Great Commission, the contemporary church continuously sacrifices its spiritual sway for the sake of its financial survival. Unfortunately, by doing so, as Jesus clearly taught in Mark 8:35,3 the contemporary church forfeits both its influence and its future in this world. It dooms itself to be discarded by man as inconsequential4 and disowned by the Master as inconsistent.5
At Time For Truth Ministries we declared 2017 as “The Year of the Bible.” In recognition of the Bible’s crucial importance to the mission of the church, we wrote a daily devotion on the Bible everyday of the year. These devotions dealt with more than the teachings of the Bible. They also taught about the Bible itself. It is these devotions that have been compiled and edited into this manuscript. It is our sincere hope that this volume will prove informative, as well as inspirational, inspiring within you, the reader, a lifelong appreciation for the Bible, the most incredible book that has ever been written.
1 Matthew 28:18-20
2 John 12:32
“For whosoever will save his life shall lose it; but whosoever shall lose his life for my sake and the gospel's, the same shall save it.”
4 Matthew 5:13
5 Matthew 7:21-23